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Marketing Communications

Marketing Communications
Objectives, Strategy, Tactics

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Marketing Communications

August 2018 | 584 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Uniting industry experience with academic expertise, the authors combine marketing communications and advertising with the branding perspective, providing students with a practical planning system and a seven-step approach to creating a comprehensive marketing plan.


The new SAGE Marketing Communications textbook is a contemporary evolution of the well-known Rossiter and Percy Advertising and Promotion Management textbook, which at its peak was adopted by six of the top 10 U.S. business schools – Stanford, Wharton, Columbia, Berkeley, UCLA, and Northwestern – as well as by the London Business School, Oxford’s Said Business School, and by most of the top business schools in Europe such as Erasmus University Rotterdam, INSEAD, and the Stockholm School of Economics. 


Key features include:

  • An author analytical approach with checklist frameworks in chapters, providing students with a systematic guide to doing marketing communications.
  • A managerial perspective, helping students to become a marketing manager and study as though they are in the role.
  • Coverage of key new marketing communications topics such as branding and social media. 

In each of the end-of-chapter questions there are mini-cases that involve real brands, and the numerous examples throughout the text refer to globally known brands such as Gillette, Mercedes, Revlon, and Toyota.


The book is supported by online instructor resources, including PowerPoint slides and teaching outlines for each chapter, multiple choice exam questions and answers, team project templates, true and false quizzes and answers, and an instructor manual.

Suitable for Marketing Communications and Advertising & Promotion modules at UG and PG levels.

Part I: Marcoms and Branding
Chapter 1: Marketing Communications and Campaign Planning
Chapter 2: Branding and Brand Positioning
Part II: Marcoms Campaign Objectives
Chapter 3: Campaign Target Audience Selection and Action Objectives
Chapter 4: Campaign Communication Objectives
Part III: Creative Strategy
Chapter 5: Key Benefit Claim and The Creative Idea
Chapter 6: Brand Awareness and Brand Attitude (Grid) Tactics
Chapter 7: Attention Tactics and Pretesting
Part IV: Sales Promotion Strategy
Chapter 8: Manufacturer and Retailer Promotions
Part V: Media Strategy
Chapter 9: Media-Type Selection and the Reach Pattern
Chapter 10: Effective Frequency and Strategic Scheduling Rules
Part VI: Campaign Management
Chapter 11: Setting the Campaign Budget
Chapter 12: Campaign Tracking
Part VII: Other Marcoms
Chapter 13: Corporate Image Advertising, Sponsorships, and PR
Chapter 14: Personal Selling and Customer Database Marketing
Chapter 15: Social Marketing and Ethics


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Online Instructor Resources:

  • PowerPoint slides for each chapter
  • Multiple Choice Exam Questions and Answers
  • Teaching Outlines for each chapter
  • Team Project Templates
  • True and False Quizzes and Answers
  • An Instructor Manual

I was already a big fan of the seminal Rossiter & Percy textbook. I read the first edition as a student and became fascinated by advertising. Later, I used the second edition in my classes. Unsurprisingly, the new Rossiter, Percy, & Bergkvist book is an excellent textbook: clearly structured, based on a sound theoretical approach, and highly relevant for marketing practice. This symbioses of theory and practice provides students with a perfect knowledge base for their later job in marketing management.

Professor Dr. Tobias Langner
Schumpeter School of Business and Economics Bergische University Wuppertal

Rossiter, Percy, and Bergkvist’s Marketing Communications is a delightful guide full of essential concepts and theories for our students who are keen to learn modern “marcoms”. The authors take readers a delightful journey into a magical world of branding and communication.

Shintaro Okazaki
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Advertising, King’s College London

I grew up with this book. And as the authors continue to refine and update it, Marketing Communications represents one of the truly great insights into advertising, marketing and consumers.

Professor Mark Ritson
Melbourne Business School

This book, influenced by seasoned ad industry authorities, contains all you need to know about creating and managing a communication effort from brand positioning to  and campaign objectives to campaign management.  All students of communication in a tough environment should have this book on their shelf.    

David Aaker

This book represents a successful, meaningful synthesis of the thoughts and practical experiences of the authors. Readers will find strategy-based insights for marketing communications together with implementable tactics. This book could function as a stand-alone text for undergraduate and graduate students and as a resource for practitioners who desire additional perspectives on how to manage their marketing communication efforts.

Dr Leslie Carlson
Nathan J. Gold Distinguished Professor of Marketing, College of Business, University of Nebraska–Lincoln

A very nice textbook which takes a refreshingly critical stance on the established marketing communications models. The text reads clearly and the layout has a logical flow. Personally I think this textbook could have improved student engagement with more visuals, colours and examples. I will be recommending readings from this textbook for my postgraduate cohort more often than my undergraduate cohort, however it will definently be present on the reading list.

Miss Katie Louise Leggett
Ashcroft Intl Bus Schl (Cambridge), Anglia Ruskin University
August 20, 2020

Very good for Access and L3.

Miss Sam Shepley
Law, Oldham College
June 28, 2019

I think this is the most extensive, deep and theoretically well covered book on MarCom.

Dr Ulla Hakala
Marketing & International Business, University of Turku
September 23, 2019

Excellent, straightforward textbook that guides students through developing objective, strategy and tactics for campaigns.

Dr Joyce Costello
Corporate & Marketing Communications, Bournemouth University
September 4, 2018

John R Rossiter

John R. Rossiter, Professor of Marketing, University of Wollongong, Australia. More About Author

Larry Percy

Larry Percy, Professor of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. More About Author

Lars Bergkvist

Lars Bergkvist, Professor of Marketing, Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, UAE. More About Author

Also available as a South Asia Edition.

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