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Marketing and Consumer Research in the Public Interest

Marketing and Consumer Research in the Public Interest

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240 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Ethical and social issues in marketing and consumer behaviour are the focus of this book. Leading scholars in marketing discuss controversial, cutting-edge theoretical approaches to investigating public interest. They examine difficult consumption issues such as substance abuse and grieving customers as well as media issues like portrayal of minority groups, target marketing and the impact that idealized images has on consumers' perceptions of their lives. The book concludes with a discussion of legislative and social marketing issues including green buying practices, consumer rights, warning labels and product safety.
Ronald Paul Hill
Julie L Ozanne and Jeff B Murray
Uniting Critical Theory and Public Policy to Create the Reflexively Defiant Consumer
Julia Bristor and Eileen Fischer
Exploring Simultaneous Oppressions
Toward the Development of Consumer Research in the Interest of Diverse Women

Ronald Paul Hill
Elizabeth C Hirschman
Professional, Personal, and Popular Culture Perspectives on Addiction
James W Gentry and Cathy Goodwin
Social Support for Decision Making during Grief Due to Death
Linda F Alwitt
Marketing and the Poor
Ronald Paul Hill
Debra Jones Ringold
Social Criticisms of Target Marketing
Process or Product?

Marsha L Richins
Materialism, Desire, and Discontent
Contributions of Idealized Advertising Images and Social Comparison

Charles R Taylor, Ju Yung Lee and Barbara B Stern
Portrayals of African, Hispanic, and Asian Americans in Magazine Advertising
Ronald Paul Hill
J Craig Andrews and Richard G Netemeyer
Alcohol Warning Label Effects
Socialization, Addiction, and Public Policy Issues

Jeffrey J Stoltman and Fred W Morgan
Expanding the Perspective on Consumer Product Safety
L J Shrum, Tina M Lowrey and John A McCarty
Using Marketing and Advertising Principles to Encourage Pro-Environmental Behaviors

Ronald Paul Hill

Ronald Paul Hill, Ph.D. in business administration from the University of Maryland, is the Dean’s Professor of Marketing and Public Policy at the American University, Kogod School of Business. He has authored over 200 journal articles, books, chapters, and conference papers on topics that include impoverished consumer behavior, marketing ethics, corporate social responsibility, human development, and public policy. Outlets for this research are Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Consumer Research, Business and Society, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Human Rights Quarterly, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science... More About Author