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Managing the Internal Market

Managing the Internal Market

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Health Services Research

June 1993 | 328 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Managing the Internal Market inquires into the management and operation of the key institutions of the NHS internal market in acute services, now in its fourth year of commissioning. It addresses the complexity and importance of 'managed competition' by offering both broad accounts by leading academics and chapters by practitioners - purchasers, providers, managers, doctors and nurses - two worlds not frequently brought together in a single volume. Only by listening to these different voices, with their particular interests and ways of viewing the internal market, will an adequate understanding begin to emerge.
The Main Institutions of the Internal market

Ian Tilley
Approaching the Internal Market
The Nature and Scope of the Book

David J Hunter
The Internal Market
The Shifting Agenda

Peter Spurgeon
Regulation or Free Market for the NHS? A Case for Coexistence
Alan Maynard
Creating Competitionin the NHS
Is it Possible? Will it Work?

Ewan Ferlie, Liz Cairncross and Andrew Pettigrew
Understanding Internal Markets in the NHS
Louis Opit
An Appraisal of a New Role

John Appleby et al
Competition and the NHS
Monitoring the Market

Juan Baeza, David Salt and Ian Tilley
Four Providers’ Strategic Responses and the Internal Market
Susan Kerrison
Contracting and the Quality of Medical Care
David K D MacKerrell
Contract Pricing
A Management Opportunity

Roger V Seifert
Industrial Relations under Managed Competition
Michael Kerin
The District and the Reforms
New Roles in the Changing World of Health Care

Raymond Pietroni
General Practitioners and the Market
Julian Nettel
The Purchaser/Provider Split as Seen by a Major Provider
The Case of King’s Healthcare

Robin Stott
Everyone a Trust? Trust Status in the Experience of the Guy’s and Lewisham NHS Trust
Simon P Frostick and W Angus Wallace
Mainstream Specialisms and the NHS Market
The Case of Surgery

Stuart Turner and Nigel Fisher
Psychiatry and the Purchaser/Provider Divide
Shah Ebrahim
Health Care of the Elderly and the Internal Market
Stephanie Stanwick
Can Nurses Learn to Dance? Nursing and 'Managed' Competition
Ian Tilley
Concluding Remarks
The Value of an Enhanced 'Organizational R & D' Function in a Rapidly Changing NHS


'It will be helpful for any student of the process that the health service underwent, whether they be an academic or a clinician taking up a management interest and wishing to understand how and why we have ended up where we are' - Nursing Standard

'The real fascination of the book is its blend of rigorous academic analysis of how major institutions are adapting to change' - Accountancy Age

Ian Tilley

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