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Managing People in Organisations

Managing People in Organisations
The Challenges of Change

First Edition
  • B R Virmani - Centre for Organization Research and Development in Management, Hyderabad

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Human Resource Management

August 2007 | 240 pages | SAGE Response
The challenges of globalisation, change and competition require a fresh understanding of the role of human resource management (HRM). There is now a perceptible shift from the traditional legal and welfare approach towards people management to a more strategic view of the human resource function as a developmental tool for the business organisation as a whole. In this insightful book, Prof. B R Virmani critically analyses current HRM issues and existing HRM models and practices with a view to encouraging enterprises to usher in innovation, flexibility, competitiveness and professionalism. Based on recent primary research and supported by several case illustrations and examples, this book discusses a large number of fundamental issues related to HRM and the employer-employee relationship in a strategic framework

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B R Virmani

B.R. Virmani is the founder Chairman, Centre for Organisation Research & Development in Management (CORD-M), Hyderabad, India.He has been the Dean and IPCL Chair Professor of Strategic Management at the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI), Hyderabad, from 1973 to 1998. Besides, he was visiting Fellow at the Manchester Business School, UK, and Senior Research Fellow at the Friedrich Ebert Institute, Bonn, Germany. He has been a member of the resources faculty for programmes of the Asian and Pacific Development Administration Centre, Kuala Lumpur; Consortium for Oil Training, Baghdad, Iraq; Asian Productivity Organization,... More About Author

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