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Managing Change, Creativity and Innovation

Managing Change, Creativity and Innovation

Fourth Edition
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May 2021 | 608 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This bestselling text brings a fresh and unique approach to managing organizational change, taking the view that change, creativity and innovation are interconnected. It offers a strong theoretical understanding of change, creativity and innovation along with practical guidance and ideas for organizational change and development.

The fourth edition comes with:
  • lots of brand-new case studies and examples from around the world
  • extra content on innovation and technology
  • extended discussion and an additional chapter on the people aspects of change that includes culture, sensemaking and temporality
Written in an engaging and accessible style, this books is essential for those studying organizational change management or creativity and innovation.
PART ONE Setting the Scene: The Changing Landscape of Business Organizations
Chapter One Introduction
Chapter Two The Process of Change, Creativity and Innovation
Chapter Three A Brief History of Management Thought in the Development of Concepts, Theories and Business Practice
PART TWO Change and Innovation in Organizations
Chapter Four Classifying Theories of Organizational Change
Chapter Five Change Management Practice: Choices, Lessons Learned and Key Considerations
Chapter Six Human Dimensions: Readiness, Communication, Sensemaking and Culture
Chapter Seven People and Change: Power, Politics, Resistance, Time and Temporality
Chapter Eight Conventional Frameworks: Planning, Diagnostics and Sequence
Chapter Nine Interpretative Frameworks, Dialogical OD, the Learning Organization and Appreciative Inquiry
Chapter Ten The Processual Turn: Politics, Context and Time
PART THREE Creativity, Innovation and Change in Organizations
Chapter Eleven Creative Industries, Innovative Cities and Changing Worlds
Chapter Twelve The Individual: Promoting Critical Thinking
Chapter Thirteen The Group: Nurturing Teamwork
Chapter Fourteen The Contextual Environment: Structure, Systems, Resources and Culture
Chapter Fifteen The Leader: Promoting New Ideas at Work
Chapter Sixteen Conclusion


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This is a fantastic source for all students studying change and innovation management.

Mr Paul Edward Matthews
Gloucestershire Business School, Gloucestershire University
March 1, 2023

The book covers all the topics discussed in the course in a comprehensive and orderly manner. Furthermore, the books was accompanied by material that helped me organize the lectures (presentations, instructor's guide).

Mrs Eleni Maria Kalafati
Management, City Unity College
February 18, 2022

This book is really up to date and has excellent case study examples with potential questions to generate critical thinking. The Resources, Readings and Reflections boxes offer review questions for discussion in addition to suggested hands-on exercises to provide variety within teaching programmes. Well worth a look.

Mrs Kim Clifton
HE Faculty, City College Plymouth
August 4, 2021

Patrick Dawson

Patrick Dawson is Professor of Organizational Change at the University of Northumbria and Emeritus Professor at the University of Aberdeen. He holds a PhD in Industrial Sociology from the University of Southampton and during his early career, worked at the University of Surrey and the University of Edinburgh. He moved to Australia in the 1980s and took up a lectureship at the University of Adelaide.  In 1997, he took up the Salvesen Chair in Management at the University of Aberdeen, where he undertook senior administrative roles including Director of Graduate Studies and Head of the Business School. After a sabbatical in 2005, Patrick... More About Author

Costas Andriopoulos

Constantine Andriopoulos is Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Associate Dean for Entrepreneurship and Director of the Research Centre for Innovation and Disruption at the Business School (formerly Cass). Costas is internationally recognized for his work on organizational ambidexterity; how companies in high-velocity markets can excel at both incremental (exploiting current capabilities) and discontinuous (exploring into new space) innovation. He is an award-winning researcher and teacher. His research, funded by the Carnegie Trust and European Commission among others, has been published in top-tier peer-reviewed academic and... More About Author

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