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Managing and Organizations

Managing and Organizations
An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Sixth Edition
  • Stewart R. Clegg - University of Stavanger Business School, Norway
  • Tyrone S. Pitsis - Durham University, UK, Durham University, UK; The University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, The University of Leeds, UK; The University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, Newcastle University, UK
  • Matthew Mount - Deakin University, Australia
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November 2021 | 568 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Covering all the basics in organizational behaviour, as well critically reflecting on the institutions and practices of business life, the sixth edition of Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice has been updated to include:

·        Cutting-edge content on diversity and inclusion, design thinking, followership and deglobalization

·        New and updated 'In Practice' boxes offering real-world examples

·        Engaging case studies, such as How to start decolonising your businessPower and empathy and How COVID-19 has changed university teaching

·        New ‘Additional Resources’ in each chapter

This textbook is essential reading for anyone studying organizational behaviour at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

A wealth of online resources for both students and lecturers, including a fully revised Instructor’s Manual, PowerPoint slides and additional case studies, are available via the companion website. 

Stewart Clegg is Professor at the University of Stavanger, Norway; University of Sydney and Emeritus Professor at University of Technology Sydney, Australia

Tyrone S. Pitsis is Professor of Strategy, Technology & Society at Durham University Business School.

Matt Mount is Assistant Professor of Strategy and Innovation at Deakin Business School, Melbourne.

Part One Managing People in Organizations
Chapter 1 Managing and Organizations
Chapter 2 Managing Individuals
Chapter 3 Managing Teams and Groups
Chapter 4 Managing Leadership
Part Two Managing Organizational Practices
Chapter 5 Managing Cultures
Chapter 6 Managing Conflict
Chapter 7 Managing Power, Politics and Decision-making
Chapter 8 Managing Communications
Part Three Managing Organizational Processes and Structures
Chapter 9 Managing Knowledge and Learning
Chapter 10 Managing Innovation and Change
Chapter 11 Managing Ethically and Sustainably
Chapter 12 Managing Organizational Design
Chapter 13 Managing Globalization


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Lecturer resources:

  • Instructor’s Manual
  • Extended case study with case study assignments
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Testbank

Student resources:

  • Multiple choice questions

Stewart R. Clegg

Stewart R. Clegg is retired as an Emeritus Professor of Management and Organization Studies at the University of Technology Sydney. He has published widely in the management, organizations and politics literatures in many of the leading journals. He is a Professor at The University of Stavanger, Norway and at Nova School of Business and Economics in Lisbon, Portugal. Widely acknowledged as one of the most significant contemporary theorists of power relations, he is also one of the most influential contributors to organization studies. He writes something every weekday and sometimes on wet weekends, usually with the digital ABC Jazz Radio... More About Author

Tyrone S. Pitsis

Tyrone S. Pitsis is Professor of Strategy, Technology & Society at Durham University Business School. He is also Director of the Global Doctor of Business Administration programme between Durham and emlyon. His research is at the intersection between strategy design, innovation and complex projects, with a focus on transformative technologies. He is consistently rated as one of the top teachers and is a sought-after speaker. He has been the recipient of several awards for his research and was also awarded the Practice Theme Committee of the Academy of Management leadership award for his contribution to AOM’s strategic aims of promoting... More About Author

Matthew Mount

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