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Management in the USA

Management in the USA

December 1995 | 160 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Drawing from interviews and observations in a variety of organizations located throughout the United States, Management in the USA analyzes key aspects of management style, practice, and its inherent values in the USA. Author Peter Lawrence begins by considering some broad contextual characteristics of economy and society and their general relationship to American business. Then he considers a number of specific themes that he argues are central to understanding management in the United States. These include values of differentiated individualism, free speech, self-interest, and proactivity. Lawrence explores ways in which such values are reflected in individual motivation and practices, including in strong strategic and systems orientations. He also looks at USA-style industrial relations and personnel management. The volume concludes with a discussion of the factors that may account for the USA's relative economic decline in recent decades in the increasingly competitive world of globalizing business. Management in the USA is a succinct, elegant, and insightful introduction for both students and professionals in international business and international and comparative management.
Stars and Strands
An Economic Phenomenon
Free Speech and Self-Interest
Industrial Relations
Personnel and People
An American Paradox

' [the book] is an easy-flowing story with a well balanced amount of detail and quotations' - Scandinavian Journal of Management

'While both thoughtful and scholarly, the book is at the same time lively, thought provoking, and readable. Both American and non-American readers willfind plenty of insights here' - Company Accountant

`One of Lawrence's strengths is his ability to draw managerial lessons from unexpected sources' - Financial Times

Peter A Lawrence