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Management Decision-Making, Big Data and Analytics

Management Decision-Making, Big Data and Analytics

First Edition
  • Simone Gressel - The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Netherlands.
  • David J. Pauleen - Massey University, New Zealand
  • Nazim Taskin - Massey University, New Zealand, Bogazici University, Management Information Systems Department, Istanbul, Turkey
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February 2022 | 304 pages | SAGE Texts
This engaging textbook approaches data analytics from a managerial perspective and explores how managers can use data to take better decisions.

Management Decision-Making, Big Data and Analytics is set apart by the fact that it places the human element of data analytics at its centre. While discussing sophisticated technology, it never forgets the people who will ultimately use these tools in business. This book addresses the cultural gap that often exists between information technologists and managers who must take decisions using new technology. Cutting-edge technologies such as big data, AI, deep learning and augmented intelligence are explained in terms that can be understood by readers with little or no background in technology. Combining theory with practical application, the authors make the topics in the book engaging and relevant for students of management.

Key Features:

• Features case studies, examples and a ‘critical incidents’ section that relates theories to real business situations

• Discusses managing the ethics, security, privacy and legal aspects of data-driven decision-making

• Explores emerging technologies and how they are applicable to managerial decision-making
Online Resources
Professional Mindsets
Introduction to Big Data
Introduction to (Advanced) Analytics
Management Decision-Making
Analytics in Management Decision-Making
Types of Managerial Decision-Makers
Organizational Readiness for Data-Driven Decision-Making
Integrating Contextual Factors in Management Decision-Making
Managing the Ethics, Security, Privacy and Legal Aspects of Data-Driven Decision-Making
Managing Emerging Technologies and Decision-Making
Glossary of Technical Terms
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Simone Gressel

Simone GresselSimone Gressel (PhD) is a lecturer at The Hague University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands. She has studied in Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, and completed her doctoral studies in Management and Information Systems in New Zealand. As part of the Management Analytics Decision Making group, her research aims at exploring the role of analytics and big data as well as human factors such as intuition and experience in the managerial decision-making process, and how a balance between both can be established. She has also held Director positions in the IT industry. More About Author

David J. Pauleen

David PauleenDavid J. Pauleen (PhD) is professor of Technology Management at Massey University, New Zealand. His current research revolves around wisdom in management, personal knowledge management, knowledge management, cross-cultural management, emerging work practices, and virtual team leadership dynamics, communication and technology.  His work has appeared in numerous top journals including: Information Systems Journal (2018), Decision Sciences Journal (2018), Journal of Business Ethics (2019, 2013), Journal of Management Information Systems (2003-04), and Journal of Information Technology (2001).  He is editor of the book,... More About Author

Nazim Taskin

Nazim TaskinNazim Taskin is a Senior Lecturer at School of Management, Massey University, New Zealand. He holds a PhD in Interdisciplinary Studies from University of British Columbia, Okanagan, Canada. His research interests include Enterprise Systems, Strategic IS/IT Alignment, Big Data and Analytics, Decision Making and Knowledge Management. Nazim has published in various journals, conferences including Australasian Journal of Information Systems, Journal of Knowledge Management, Journal of Electronic Commerce, Journal of Enterprise Information Management, Business Strategy and the Environment, Hawaii International Conference on System... More About Author

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