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Management Accounting

Management Accounting

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Management Accounting

144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The SAGE Course Companion on Management Accounting is an accessible introduction to the subject that will help readers extend their understanding of key concepts and enhance their thinking skills in line with course requirements. It provides support on how to revise for exams, how to present calculations, and how to prepare for and write assessed pieces. Readers are encouraged not only to think like a management accountant but also to think about the subject critically.

Designed to compliment existing textbooks for the course, the companion provides:
  • Easy access to the key themes in Management Accounting and an overview of its business context
  • Helpful summaries of the approach taken by the main textbooks on the course
  • Guidance on the essential study skills required to pass the course
  • Sample exam questions and answers, with common pitfalls to avoid
  • A tutor's-eye view of what course examiners are looking for
  • A road map for the book to help readers quickly find the information they need

The SAGE Course Companion on Management Accounting is much more than a revision guide for undergraduates; it is an essential tool that will help readers take their course understanding to new levels and achieve success in their undergraduate course.
Determining Cost

Costing Systems

Product Mix



Standard Costing

Divisional Performance

Special Topics

in collaboration with David McIlroy
How To Get the Most out of Your Lectures
How To Make the Most of Seminars
Essay Writing Tips
Revision Hints and Tips
Tips on Interpreting Essay and Exam Questions
Exam Tips

Easy to explanation and examples

Miss Pornpimol Keaitputtiruk
Faculty of Business Administration, stamford International University
October 12, 2014

very handy for students taking revision in management accounting.

Mr Severino Mavhiki
Business Administration , Midlands State University
August 31, 2013

Students found the book interesting and fundamental to their understanding of finance

Dr Scott Foster
Department of Marketing, Liverpool John Moores University
July 11, 2013

A condensed but very interesting manual with useful examples based on the most important Management Accounting books. One of the most interesting and innovative topics of this manual was Part Three: Study, Writing and Revision Skills. I found there very helpful tips for students to improve and develop their knowledge.

Mr Paulino Silva
Accounting, ISCAP | IPP
January 18, 2013

Interesting especially for my German students to distinguish Management Accounting from German "Controlling".

Dr Patrick Ulrich
LS Controlling, University of Bamberg
December 12, 2012

Prescribed as a tool to manage issues in management accounting next to the key text book. Focuses on students without prior knowledge in the field of accounting.

Dr Johan De Kruijf
Finance & Accounting, Twente University
February 14, 2011

Essential book for MA theory.

Mr Jaypal Jain
Said Business School, University of Oxford
July 13, 2010

Sample Materials & Chapters

Introduction in PDF

Alicia Gazely

Michael Lambert

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