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Man Enough

Man Enough
Embodying Masculinities

September 1997 | 256 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
In this book, one of the leading contributors to the growing debate about men, masculinities, and sexual politics, Victor J. Seidler, criticizes the Enlightenment coupling of white, heterosexual masculinity with "reason." He argues that in modern society, masculinity can never be taken for granted. Men must always prove that they are "man enough" to cope in the "correct" way with the problems and challenges of everyday life. Seidler believes that men have to break this chain of obligations to the Enlightenment notion of masculinity. Through engaging with menÆs diverse relationships with their bodies, sexualities, emotional lives, feelings, and desires, Seidler explores ways of affirming masculinities while critically engaging with the power that men have in the wider society. The book is also a contribution to antisexist politics. Seidler is interested in taking on those forms of menÆs politics that find it difficult to engage with menÆs power and society and also those who take it for granted that male power is normal and natural. He seeks to recognize both the power that white, heterosexual masculinities have in shaping forms of philosophy and social theory while at the same time recognizing that masculinity cannot be simply defined as a relationship of power.
Aspects of Self
Myths of Manhood
Emotions and Feelings
Spiritual Groundings

Victor J. Seidler

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ISBN: 9780761954071