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Males at Risk

Males at Risk
The Other Side of Child Sexual Abuse

224 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
This volume is the first book in the field devoted to the abuse of boys. The authors focus on the male's socialization and victimization and the results of various forms of sexual abuse of male children. Although they do not claim that male children are at equal risk to female children, they do point out that male stereotyping can have specific, long-term consequences for the male victim. Breaking new ground by presenting a broader view of male sexual victimization, they introduce a new concept, the abuse of sexuality, to help explain many of the social and sexual problems exhibited by males. Finally, an explicit model for formulating a treatment plan which utilizes a systematic multi-remedial evaluation for both adult males and male children is presented and clinical issues within the use of this model discussed.
Of Sexual Abuse and Other Things in the Night
Direction and Misdirection

Male Child Sexual Abuse
Prevalence and Perpetrators

Whatever Happened to Baby John? The Aftermath
Building a New Life
The Paths to Recovery

Beyond the Path to Recovery
The Need

Formulating the Treatment Plan
A Systematic Multi-Remedial Evaluation Approach


Frank G Bolton, Jr

Larry A. Morris

Ann E. MacEachron