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Making Sense of Research

Making Sense of Research
An Introduction for Health and Social Care Practitioners

Fourth Edition

200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Research is now an integral part of everyday practice in health and social care. The Fourth Edition of this essential book equips professionals in these fields with the tools to read, analyze and apply research effectively in their work. Though research topics can be difficult to grasp, Making Sense of Research, Fourth Edition clarifies the subject by providing a straightforward guide to the basics.

Topics covered include:

  • The role of research in health and social care
  • The nature of knowledge in health and social care
  • The research process
  • Ethical issues
  • Searching and reviewing the literature
  • Making sense of data analysis

The Fourth Edition has been updated to include new reference material, websites and examples to support the development of essential critical appraisal skills for health and social care professionals.

The Role of Research in the Health and Social Care Professions
The Nature of Knowledge in Health and Social Care
Overview of the Research Process
Ethical Issues
Searching and Reviewing the Literature
Approaches to and Design of Research in Health and Social Care
Research Problems, Aims, Questions and Hypotheses
Understanding Data Collection Techniques
Making Sense of Data Analysis
Critical Appraisal of Health and Social Care Research
Disseminating and Implementing Research
Appendix 1. Critical appraisal framework
Appendix 2. Literature searching
Appendix 3. Four stages in critical appraisal

'This excellent introductory text should encourage research newcomers to learn more. A practical book offering tools such as a step-by-step guide on how to appraise a paper. Every stage of the research process is discussed in a clear manner. It examines ethical issues, sampling, research problems and data collection techniques...I recommend this reader-friendly book as an essential guide for all practitioners new to the world of research' -
Nursing Standard

'This book is an excellent introduction to the fundamentals of research. It will be a useful guide to all health and social care professionals seeking to evaluate research and its application to practice' -
Professor Lorraine Culley, Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, De Montfort University

This book was used for this course by a previous instructor. Appropriate for the class being taught.

Dr Ruthy Marie Watson
Health Sciences Dept, St Josephs University
August 3, 2016

Easy to read, covers key points for students

Mrs Sarah Roberts
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Surrey University
November 17, 2014

An excellent introduction to research methodology which can be transferred from levels 4-6 to assist with understanding and knowledge. Easy formatting, easy reading and not overwhelming in size which can put off some students!

Miss Shelly Haslam
Faculty of Health, Edge Hill University
October 14, 2014

A very clear, measured and respectful book which encourages readers to really consider the ideology and approach behind research.

Mrs Rachel Harrison
Interprofessional Studies, Winchester University
May 19, 2014

A useful book

Mrs Penny McDougall
Faculty of Health Sciences, Southampton University
March 4, 2014

This is a main reader book for all the research courses I deliver on.
Accessible to all learners.

Dr Camille Cronin
Health , University of Essex - Southend campus
November 5, 2013

Well structured and thoughtout. User-friendly.

Dr Khim Horton
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, Surrey University
September 24, 2013

This is a very clearly laid out book that allows the student to develop the knowledge that they need. The lanaguage is not daunting but guides the student through the relevant concepts.

Dr Pat Colliety
Community Health , Surrey University
July 15, 2013

This text is easy to read and may prove helpful with modules that include critiquing of research evidence.
Good clear use of terminology relevant to all levels of academic work.
Clearly structured text.
Good critique tool included.
Good clear overview of the research process.
I enjoyed the chapters on Ethical issues, Sampling methods and analysis.

Mr Paul Rawling
Faculty of Health, Edge Hill University
April 17, 2013

Pam Moule

Pam Moule is Professor Emerita at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Pam is engaged in a number of research and evaluation projects across a range of health care environments, supported by a variety of funders. Pam delivers research methods education, supervises undergraduate and masters level dissertations, and supports Doctoral students in the fields of leadership, learning and workforce. Pam has a number of publications in a range of nursing and medical journals and has published four textbooks. Pam is on the editorial board of Nurse Education Today and reviews papers for a number of nursing and health care journals. More About Author

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