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Making Sense of Research in Nursing, Health and Social Care

Making Sense of Research in Nursing, Health and Social Care

Fifth Edition
  • Pam Moule - University of the West of England, UK
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February 2015 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

What is research? Why is it important in health and nursing? How should students use evidence in practice?

This short and simple book for those who are completely new to research will answer all your students’ questions about the subject. It will help them to make sense of the various and often confusing research methods and terminology, to read and appraise literature and to understand how research is implemented in practice.

It features:

·           Case examples of real research from a variety of settings and a range of countries so that students can see how research applies to the real world

·           Tools, examples and frameworks to help students to find, appraise and critique research

·           Chapter learning outcomes and key points to help students to remember important information

·           A companion website with interactive glossary and reflective exercises to help students test their knowledge and apply it to practice, printable step-by-step frameworks for use when searching for or critiquing a paper, and direct links to relevant SAGE journal articles and weblinks.

·           Further resources for lecturers are available, including all the practice examples from the book, seminar question ideas and critical appraisal powerpoints.

The book is essential reading for undergraduate and postgraduate students of nursing and health in the UK and internationally.

The Role of Research in the Health and Social Care Professions
The Nature of Knowledge in Health and Social Care
Overview of the Research Process
Ethical Issues
Searching and Reviewing the Literature
Approaches to and Design of Research in Health and Social Care
Research Problems, Aims, Questions and Hypotheses
Understanding Data Collection Techniques
Making Sense of Data Analysis
Critical Appraisal of Health and Social Care Research
Disseminating and Implementing Research
Appendix 1. Literature searching
Appendix 2. Three stages in critical appraisal
Appendix 3. Critical appraisal framework


A nice introductory text and an ideal starting point for someone who is feeling overwhelmed by research.


Katie Smith, BSc Hons Adult Nursing student at Coventry University

An essential learning resource for healthcare students. It facilitates their engagement in the importance of research, clinical effectiveness and applying evidence to actual practice.


Joan Cochrane, Senior Lecturer, Northumbria University

In the current healthcare climate it is essential that undergraduate nurses develop the skills for critical appraisal and are motivated to engage with existing research. This text does indeed ‘make sense of research’ with an interesting and reassuring approach.

Karen Day, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, Health and Wellbeing, University of Wolverhampton

The book is divided into stand-alone chapters allowing the reader to easily dip in and dip out; however each chapter presents many useful points also making it beneficial to read from start to finish. The good sequencing of chapters and topics gives a clear structured flow to the book. Each chapter has learning outcomes to guide the reader and key points to reinforce the main issues.

Lynne Partington, head of research, Evaluation and Technology, The End Of Life Partnership, Cheshire
Nursing Times

This textbook is a very clear and easy to read introduction to research and evidence based practice. It has been recommended for our students on their reading list.

Dr Rob Grieve
School of Allied Health Professionals, University of The West of England
October 25, 2016

This book provides a good overview of real life, applied health research and makes very good use of practice examples to illustrate key points. A good starting point for bewildered students!

Dr Jackie Buck
Nursing , University of East Anglia
July 4, 2016

This book contains excellent information and provides clear information on research that can easily be understood by students.

Mrs Deborah Tatton
Social Work , Newcastle-under-Lyme College
June 21, 2016

This is a must for students and staff. The Author guides you along the complexity's of research. A must for students.

Mr David lawson
Faculty Of Health, Edge Hill University
June 6, 2016

A useful addition to our resources for learners producing research projects.

Mrs Adrienne benson
Community Health , Barnsley College
March 23, 2016

Easy to read book that allows students to understand research

Mrs Lisa Paduch
Faculty of Health & Wellbeing, Sheffield Hallam University
March 8, 2016

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Pam Moule

Pam Moule is Professor of Health Services Research and Director of the Centre for Health and Clinical Research at the University of the West of England, Bristol. Pam is engaged in a number of research and evaluation projects across a range of health care environments, supported by a variety of funders. Pam delivers research methods education, supervises undergraduate and masters level dissertations, and supports Doctoral students in the fields of leadership, learning and workforce. Pam has a number of publications in a range of nursing and medical journals and has published four textbooks. Pam is on the editorial board of Nurse... More About Author

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