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Making Policy in Europe

Making Policy in Europe

Second Edition
Edited by:

February 2001 | 304 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This Second Edition of Making Policy in Europe is fully revised and expanded to provide the most up-to-date introduction to the study of policymaking in the European Union (EU). The first part of the book introduces the different perspectives to study of the EU as a political system, and provides a framework for the study of the main actors and institutions in the decision-making process from transnational lobbying within Brussels to the implementation of EU law in national member states. Part two introduces each of the main sectoral policy areas. The common "market" is introduced and reviewed before students are provided with detailed studies of policies and policy-making in telecommunications, the environment, energy, education, immigration, and policing. In each case the complex interaction between different interests and actors at different levels in the EU apparatus is richly illustrated and the future prospects for further integration fully examined. The final part of the book looks at the future economic and political structure of the EU and the direction of contemporary studies of the EU and European integration. A completely new chapter reviews European monetary union, another looks at the important enlargement question, and, finally, the editors review the wider implications for Europe and the EU political system. This book will be essential reading for another generation of students of the EU, European pubic policy and European integration.
Svein S Andersen and Kjell A Eliassen
The EU as a new political system

Svein S Andersen, Kjell A Eliassen and Nick Sitter
Formal Processes
EU Institutions and Actors

Svein S Andersen and Kjell A Eliassen
Informal Processes
Lobbying, Actor Strategies, Coalitions and Dependencies

Frank Dobbin
Rail and Transport Policy
National Paradigms and Supranational Structure

Kjell A Eliassen and Marit S Marino
Telecommunications Policy
Interest Convergence and Globalization

Svein S Andersen
Energy Policy
Interest Interaction and Supranational Authority

Erik Beukel
Educational Policy
Institutionalization and Multilevel Governance

Ellen Ahnfelt and Johan From
Policing Policy and Justice and Home Affairs
From High to Low Politics

Miriam L Campanella
European Monetary Union
Economic Versus Political Intregation and the Limits of Supranationalism

Helene Sjursen
The Common Foreign and Security Policy
Limits of Intergovernmentalism and the Search for a Global Role

Finn Laursen
EU Enlargement
Interests, Issues and the Need for Insitutional Reform

Svein S Andersen and Kjell A Eliassen
Making Policy in the New Europe


Svein Andersen

Svein Andersen is a professor at the Norwegian School of Management and has held various academic positions over the last 25 years, including as a visiting professor at Berkeley and adjunct professor at the University of Oslo. He is also an adjunct professor at the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences. His teaching experience includes executive leadership and sports management. He holds two PhDs, one from the University of Oslo and one from Stanford University. More About Author

Kjell A Eliassen

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