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Making Connections in Elementary and Middle School Social Studies

Making Connections in Elementary and Middle School Social Studies

Second Edition

October 2009 | 400 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Making Connections in Elementary and Middle School Social Studies, Second Edition is the best text for teaching primary school teachers how to integrate social studies into other content areas. This book is a comprehensive, reader-friendly text that demonstrates how personal connections can be incorporated into social studies education while meeting the National Council for the Social Studies' thematic, pedagogical, and disciplinary standards. Praised for its "wealth of strategies that go beyond social studies teaching," including classroom strategies, pedagogical techniques, activities and lesson plan ideas, this book examines a variety of methods both novice and experienced teachers alike can use to integrate social studies into other content areas.

I. Building a Framework for Social Studies
1. Defining Social Studies
2. Celebrating Diversity in Social Studies Education
II. Planning and Assessment in Social Studies
3. Planning Learning Experiences
4. Assessing Student Growth
III. Instructional Strategies in Social Studies
5. Instructional Models in Social Studies
6. Differentiating the Curriculum Using Inclusive and Multi-Level Practices
7. Teaching Cognitive Processes in Social Studies
8. Inquiry Learning in Social Studies
9. Learning Through Human Interaction
IV. Using Social Studies to Enhance Literacy
10. Textbooks and Social Studies
11. Learning Through Literature and Language Arts
V. Teaching Subject Area Content in Social Studies
12. Teaching History and Geography
13. Teaching Civics and Government and Economics
VI. Using Social Studies to Enhance Democracy
14. Using Current Events and the Internet to Teach Social Studies
15. The Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Dimensions of Social Studies Education

Addresses current issues that are of vital importance to pre-service and first year teachers. Does not shy aware from addressing controversial issues in the educational field that have a daily impact not only at a state or local level but also within the classroom. It gives new teachers a realistic concept of what to expect in classrooms of the 21st century with all of the political forces that influence and drive educational policy and procedure. Excellent text that immediately impressed at the first and subsequent readings!! I was hooked after the initial perusal and changed textbooks even though my previous text was a very comprehensive text as well. This text though shines in the sense of how it addresses the pertinent issues of education at this moment.

Mrs Elizabeth Speed
Teacher Education Dept, University of Texas - El Paso
August 27, 2013

This second edition of Making connections in Elementary and Middle school social studies is as comprehensive as the first edition. Using a student friendly fashion, Johnson was able to cover major issues and strategies for those who want to teach social studies and for classroom teachers who want to continue developing their understanding on the field of social studies education.

Dr Alberto Lopez
Teacher Education Reading Dept, Northeastern Illinois University
April 16, 2010

Andrew P. Johnson

Dr. Andy Johnson was a 1976 graduate of Grantsburg High School in Grantsburg, Wisconsin.  He attended the University of Wisconsin, River Falls where he graduated with a B.S. degree in Music and Speech-Communication.  After earning elementary teaching licensure, he taught 2nd grade in River Falls, Wisconsin from 1983-1986.   He went on to teach in elementary schools in the Twin Cities area and also spent three years working in the Grantsburg School District as A 5th grade teacher and the Gifted Education Coordinator. He earned his Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota in Literacy Education in 1997.  He is... More About Author

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