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Love and Nurture in the Early Years

Love and Nurture in the Early Years

March 2024 | 152 pages | Learning Matters
If ever there was a time for love and nurture it is now. Love and Nurture approaches are intertwined and impossible to focus on in isolation. This practical book for Early Years students and practitioners includes real-life case studies and practical examples alongside academic underpinning and essential theory. It supports students to understand and explore the need for and importance of Love and Nurture in early years practice. The book focuses on key child developmental factors including brain development, attachment awareness, love languages and nurturing touch, the science of nurture, the theory of love and nurture and building relational practice.
The science of love, care and nurture in the Early Years
What constitutes love and nurture in the Early Years?
The nurtured child
Love languages and nurturing touch
Love and nurture beyond the setting
Building relational practice
Love and nurturing environments
The theoretical context of love and nurture

Aaron Bradbury

Aaron Bradbury Principal Lecturer Apprenticeships and Work Based Learning in Education, Early Years and Children's Social Care. Research Interests: Widening participation (access for all) with links to apprenticeship pedagogy, Early Years and Education. More About Author

Tamsin Grimmer

Tamsin Grimmer is a director of Linden Learning, an associate of Early Education, lecturer at Norland College and an Emotion Coaching Practitioner for Emotion Coaching UK. She has a wealth of experience supporting Early Years Teachers and educators. Tamsin is passionate about young children’s learning and believes that all children deserve educators who are inspiring, dynamic, reflective and loving. She is a true advocate for adopting a loving pedagogy and has a keen interest in schematic play, promoting positive behaviour, supporting children's emotional development and inclusion.   More About Author

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