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Looking at Looking

Looking at Looking
An Introduction to the Intelligence of Vision

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September 2000 | 144 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
`The key strengths of this book are the expertise of the contributors, the engaging format, and the interesting examples they us' - Greg Burton, Seaton Hall University

This volume brings together a selection of the most influential current thinkers in the area of visual perception. We are often confused by our visual systems, for example size distortions, but there is an underlying `intelligence' to our visual system, even in the face of what would seem to be short-circuits within our sensory processing. This book explores varying views of this `intelligence`.

Irvin Rock
Stupid Perceptions?
John M Kennedy
Smart Geometry!
Richard L Gregory
Action Potentials to Potential Actions
Ulric Neisser
Admirably Adaptive, Occasionally Intelligent
Ross H Day
Laurel and Hardy and Me
Theodore E Parks
Different Bricks, One Tower
Irvin Rock
A Further Look
Two Stages of Perception

John M Kennedy
A Further Look
Tactics for Detecting Illusions

Richard L Gregory
A Further Look
Inside the Black Box


Theodore E. Parks

Dr. Parks is primarily interested in visual perception from a "militantly eclectic" point of view, but with a special interest in innate "intelligent" processes as they occur in various aspects of perception. His research for the past several years has primarily revolved around illusions including standard geometric examples, but most often illusory contours. He has secondary interests in iconic storage aperture viewing (the so called "Parks-Effect") and non-traditional instances of human memory phenomena (especially memory illusions). More About Author

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