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Locating Cultural Change

Locating Cultural Change
Theory, Method, Process

First Edition
Edited by:
  • Partha Pratim Basu - Department of International Relations, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India
  • Ipshita Chanda - Professor, Department of Comparative Literature, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad.

May 2011 | 292 pages | SAGE India

Locating Cultural Change: Theory, Method, Process is concerned with defining the 'local' through case studies of specific cultural processes. The focus is on the institutionalization of 'local' concerns where the 'local' is the site of ideas and issues, and how these in turn influence us. The central premise of this collection is that in order to understand the common man's perspective, one has to demystify cultural processes.

The book seeks to capture the vibrancy of cultural processes through a wide range of things that are a part of daily life spanning Hindi films, vernacular press, metropolitan club culture, the translation industry in India, medical advertisements, and prime-time television serials.

The volume shows how it is through the text's being and becoming that culture is produced and participated in. It argues that the production and consumption of meaning and material in conjunction helps us understand cultural processes in totality—not just as a conglomeration of events outside of us, but also as a part and parcel of daily life.

Introduction: Locating Cultural Change: Process and Method

Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin and Makeover of Indian Soaps

Abhijit Roy
Foreign Babies/Indian Make: Outsourcing Reproduction in the Age of Globalization

Modhumita Roy
Nationalism, Television and Indian Cricket in Global Mediascape: Where has the Local Gone?

Manas Ghosh
Bollywood and the Mumbai Underworld: Reading Satya in Retrospect

Rajdeep Roy
Translating India Today: Local Cultures, Global Ambitions and Colonial Hangovers

Sayantan Dasgupta
Kya Hum Pehle Kabhi Yahan Aye Hain: Returning to Look at the 'Indian' in Indian Cinema through Farah Khan's Om Shanti Om

Ipshita Chanda
Minority Rights in India: A View from the Regional Press

Partha Pratim Basu
Medical Advertisement: An Embodiment of Culture

Dalia Chakraborty
Just for Fun: Changing Notions of Social Forms of Leisure

Nilanjana Gupta and Devlina Gopalan


The essays in all unfold the interesting blend of global and local interface. Most articles can be read and interpreted in the backdrop of globalisation…. the book provides useful and interesting insight to the researchers in the field of Cultural Studies. Such studies are necessary and important in the multicultural world produced by globalisation.

eSocial Sciences

The work, a collection of well-researched case-studies, analyses the contemporary values in Indian society… the book brings in the element of “local” which is an idea rather than a “location” .

The Hoot

Partha Pratim Basu

Dr. Partha Pratim Basu received his Ph D in Political Science from University of Calcutta. Presently he is a Professor of International Relations, Jadavpur University. He has also served as Departmental Chair; Director, School of Media, Communication and Culture; and Coordinator, PG Diploma Course on Human Rights at Jadavpur University. His publications include Press and Foreign Policy in India, North-South Relations: A Postcolonial Research Agenda (co-author), Revisiting Rammohun Roy’s Political Agenda, Democracy and Democratization in the 21st Century (co-editor), Locating Cultural Change (co-editor) apart from several book chapters and... More About Author

Ipshita Chanda

Ipshita Chanda is Professor at the Department of Comparative Literature, English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad. She has been ICCR Visiting Professor of Indian Culture, Georgetown University (2013–14). A member of the Faculty Team in the International Faculty Exchange Programme of the Virginia Council for International Education and the Virginia Community College System, 2008–09, she has written extensively in books/journals including the edited volume Shaping the Discourse: Women’s Writings in Bengali Periodicals: 1865–1947 (Stree, 2014); Packaging Freedom: Feminism and Popular Culture (Stree, 2003). She is also a SAGE author. More About Author

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