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Living Your Best Life with Asperger's Syndrome

Living Your Best Life with Asperger's Syndrome
How a Young Boy and His Mother Deal with the Challenges and Joys of Being Eleven, Brilliant and Socially Absent

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Autism Spectrum Disorders

March 2006 | 128 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

"Both parents and professionals need to read this book, and then other children with Asperger's syndrome will indeed live a better life"
-Tony Attwood, Clinical Psychologist
Co-founder, Minds & Hearts Clinic

Effectively accommodating the social and academic needs of children on the autistic spectrum is an important task in every school. This extraordinary book, written by the mother of a child with Asperger's syndrome, focuses on living your best life despite your difference. The author describes the problems and pain she faced as her son changed and encountered difficulties at every stage, and demonstrates her own resilience and determination.

Each chapter provides a summary with anecdotal stories describing how a young boy navigates his way through the social challenges that he faces every day. It discusses:

  • Diagnosis and recognizing the difference
  • Providing support and understanding
  • Communication
  • Concrete thinking

A practical guide to benefit parents, teachers, and international autism organizations, this book also is a celebration of a mother and son and their relationship.

Chapter One: History
Chapter Two: Grade School
Chapter Three: Resources
Chapter Four: Borrowed Text
Chapter Five: Concrete Thinking
Chapter Six: Perspective Taking
Chapter Seven: The Literal Child
Chapter Eight: Thomas-isms
Chapter Nine: Advocacy
Chapter Ten: Final Thoughts

'Every year I read several manuscripts written by mothers about having a child with Asperger’s syndrome. The quality of manuscripts varies considerably. As soon as I started to read ‘Living Your Best Life with Asperger’s syndrome’ I knew it was going to be one of my favourite biographies. I was entranced by Karra’s descriptions of her son’s intellectual abilities, his perspective on life and sense of humour. The anecdotes illustrate aspects of Asperger’s syndrome perfectly. Professionals will have the ‘Ah ha!’ moment, as the descriptions of events and conversations are consistent with the theoretical models of Asperger’s syndrome. Both parents and professionals need to read this book, and then other children with Asperger’s syndrome will indeed live a better life' - Professor Tony Attwood

'This book is a worthwhile read and written in a very positive way. Many professionals will find the anecdotes evocative and perhaps illumination. There are also useful and practical tips and ideas noted throughout the book. I would happily recommend it to parents, especially those who are in the early days, post diagnosis and looking for information, ideas and a positive perspective' - Alison Leask, Chair of Autism, Argyll, Scotland

'This is a very accessible book which would be helpful to parents and teachers meeting autism for the first time. The book charts a success story and as such should make an encouraging read. This would be well worth having a parents' group or staff room library.' - Special

Karra Barber

Karra Barber is a full-time mother and advocate for her teenage son who has Asperger's Syndrome. She is the founder and facilitator of a well-established support group for parents of children and teens on the autism spectrum. She is the author of Living Your Best Life with Asperger's Syndrome and is a regular contributor to many autism magazines. Karra Barber resides in Northern California. More About Author

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