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Little Bites of Big Data for Public Policy

Little Bites of Big Data for Public Policy

February 2017 | 96 pages | CQ Press
“Kettl’s easy-to-read book and various examples of big data application are required reading for seasoned academics as well as for students who work in public administration and want to contribute to real-world problem solving.”
–Junghack Kim, Wichita State University

Little Bites of Big Data for Public Policy
brings to life the quest to make better policy with better evidence. This brief book frames the big puzzles and, through lively stories and clear examples, provides a valuable how-to guide for producing analysis that works—that speaks persuasively to policy makers, in the language they can best hear, on the problems for which they most need answers. Author Donald F. Kettl brings together the cutting-edge streams of data analytics and data visualization to frame the big puzzles and find ways to make the pieces fit together. By taking little bites of a wide variety of useful data, and then by analyzing it in ways that decision makers will find most helpful, analysts can be much more effective in shaping solutions to the most important problems governments face. 
About the Author
Chapter 1: Knowing Better
Doing without Knowing (Everything)  
The Law of Supply and Demand  
Making Evidence Speak  
Chapter 2: Get the Story, Get It Right
What Are the Right Questions?  
What Is a Good Answer?  
Chapter 3: Tell the Story
Seeing Data  
Making Data Speak  
Chapter 4: Sell the Story
Mediating Information  
Making the Sale  
Chapter 5: Speak above the Noise
How to Know What We Know  
Speaking above the Noise  

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Chapter 1

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Donald F. Kettl

Donald F. Kettl is Sid Richardson Professor at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs, at the University of Texas at Austin. He is also a nonresident senior fellow at the Volcker Alliance and the Brookings Institution.Kettl is the author or editor of numerous books, including Can Governments Earn Our Trust? (2017); Little Bites of Big Data for Public Policy (2017); The Politics of the Administrative Process (7th edition, 2017), Escaping Jurassic Government: Restoring America’s Lost Commitment to Competence (2016), System under Stress: The Challenge to 21st Century American Democracy Homeland Security and American Politics (2014),... More About Author

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