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Literacy Studies

Literacy Studies

Five Volume Set
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July 2013 | 1 928 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
This five-volume collection lays out the foundations and nuances of literacy studies. Beginning with the theoretical and epistemological perspectives that have been influential in shaping contemporary approaches in literacy studies, the set further explores new digital literacies, literacy in educational and institutional contexts, and the crucial issues of literacy in relation to social mobility, multilingualism and globalization. With a full introduction to the set and to each volume, researchers will find in this set a comprehensive guide to this crucial area of study.
David Olson
From Utterance to Text
The Bias of Language in Speech and Writing

Jack Goody and Ian Watt
Consequences of Literacy
Paolo Freire
Adult Literacy Processes as Cultural Action for Freedom
Sylvia Scribner and Michael Cole
Literacy without Schooling
Testing for Intellectual Effects

F. Niyi Akinasso
Consequences of Literacy in Pragmatic and Theoretical Perspectives
Harvey Graff
Legacies of Literacy
Shirley Brice Heath
What No Bedtime Story Means
Narrative Skills at Home and School

Jenny Cook-Gumperz
The Social Construction of Literacy
Brian Street
Meanings of Culture in Development
A Case Study from Literacy

J. Gee
Literacy, Discourse and Linguistics

Ron Scollon and Suzanne Scollon
The Modern Consciousness and Literacy
Don Kulick and Christopher Stroud
Christianity, Cargo and Ideas of Self
Patterns of Literacy in a Papua New Guinean Village

Niko Besnier
Literacy and Feelings
The Encoding of Affect in Nukulaelae Letters

Walter Mignolo
On the Colonization of Amerindian Languages and Memories
Renaissance Theories of Writing and the Discontinuity of the Classical Tradition

Patrick Harries
Missionaries, Marxists and Magic
Power and the Politics of Literacy in South-East Africa

Mary Hamilton and David Barton
The Texts of Everyday Life
Public and Private Identities in Vernacular Literacy Practices

Brian Street
Literacy Events and Literacy Practices
Deborah Brandt and Katie Clinton
The Limits of the Local
Expanding Perspectives of Literacy as a Social Practice

Bill Cope and Mary Kalantzis
New Literacies, New Learning

Geoffrey Bowker and Susan Leigh Star
How Things (Actor-Net) Work
Classification, Magic and the Ubiquity of Standards

James Collins
Bernstein, Bourdieu and the New Literacy Studies
Vicki Carrington and Allan Luke
Literacy and Bourdieu's Sociological Theory
A Reframing

Deborah Brandt
Sponsors of Literacy
Catherine Compton-Lilly
The Complexities of Reading Capital in Two Puerto Rican Families
Lesley Bartlett and Dorothy Holland
Theorizing the Space of Literacy Practices
New London Group
A Pedagogy of Multiliteracies
Designing Social Futures

James Collins and Stef Slembrouck
Reading Shop Windows in Globalized Neighborhoods
Multilingual Literacy Practices and Indexicality

Lesley Farrell and Bernard Holkner
Points of Vulnerability and Presence
Knowing and Learning in Globally Networked Communities

Stephen Reder and Erica Davila
Context and Literacy Practices
Bryan Maddox and Lucio Esposito
Literacy Inequalities, Mediation and the Public Good
A Case Study of Physical Proximity and Social Distance in Nepal

Cynthia Lewis and Bettina Fabos
Instant Messaging, Literacies and Social Identities
James Paul Gee
Are Video Games Good for Learning?
Jackie Marsh
Popular Culture in the Literacy Curriculum
A Bourdieuan Analysis

Jennifer Rowsell and Kate Pahl
Sedimented Identities in Texts
Instance of Practice

Elizabeth Moje et al
The Complex World of Adolescent Literacy
Myths, Motivations and Mysteries

Glynda Hull, Jessica Zacher and Liesel Hibbert
Youth, Risk and Equity in a Global World
Guy Merchant
Literacy in Virtual Worlds
Kathy Ann Mills
A Review of the 'Digital Turn' in the New Literacy Studies
Mark Warschauer and Tina Matuchniak
New Technology and Digital Worlds
Analyzing Evidence of Equity in Access, Use and Outcomes

Carmen Lee
Affordances and Text-Making Practices in Online Instant Messaging
Cathy Burnett
Research into Literacy and Technology in Primary Classroom
An Exploration of Understandings Generated by Recent Studies

Allan Luke and Carmen Luke
Adolescence Lost/Childhood Regained
On Early Intervention and the Emergence of the Techno-Subject

Julian Sefton-Green, Helen Nixon and Ola Erstad
Reviewing Approaches and Perspectives on 'Digital Literacy'
Jay Lemke
Travels in Hypermodality
Ilana Snyder, Lawrence Angus and Wendy Sutherland-Smith
Building Equitable Literate Futures
Home and School Computer-Mediated Literacy Practices and Disadvantage

Peter Freebody and Allan Luke
Literacies' Programmes
Debates and Demands in Cultural Context

James Heap
Discourse in the Production of Classroom Knowledge
Reading Lessons

Alastair Pennycook
Teaching with the Flow
Fixity and Fluidity in Education

Glynda Hull and Katherine Schultz
Literacy and Learning out of School
A Review of Theory and Research

Anne Haas Dyson
Staying in the (Curricular) Lines
Practice Constraints and Possibilities in Childhood Writing

Norma González and Luis Moll
Cruzando el Puente
Building Bridges to Funds of Knowledge

Lisa Delpit
The Silenced Dialogue
Power and Pedagogy in Educating Other People's Children

Gemma Moss
Literacy and Pedagogy in Flux
Constructing the Object of Study from a Bernsteinian Perspective

Roz Ivani? and Candice Satchwell
Boundary Crossing
Networking and Transforming Literacies in Research Process and College Courses

Lucia Thesen
Voices Discourses and Transition
In Search of New Categories

Mary Lea and Brian Street
Student Writing in Higher Education
An Academic Literacies Perspective

Theresa Lillis
Student Writing as 'Academic Literacies'
Drawing on Bakhtin to Move from Critique to Design

Judy Hunter
Language, Literacy and Performance
Working Identities in the Back of the House

Jo Anne Kleifgen
ISO 9002
Coping with Quality Control Documents in a Hi-Tech Company

A. Suresh Canagarajah
The Place of World Englishes in Composition:
Pluralization Continued

Mary Louise Pratt
Arts of the Contact Zone
Allan Luke
Literacy and the Other
A Sociological Approach to Literacy Research and Policy in Multilingual Societies

Jan Blommaert
Writing as a Problem
African Grassroots Writing, Economies of Literacy and Globalization

Cecile B. Vigouroux
Magic Marketing
Performing Grassroots Literacy

Jan Blommaert, James Collins and Stef Slembrouck
Spaces of Multilingualism
Doris Warriner
Transnational Literacies
Immigration, Language Learning and Identity

Katherine Richardson
Bruna Travelling Tags
The Informal Literacies of Mexican Newcomers in and out of the Classroom

Elaine Richardson
'She was Workin' Like Foreal'
Critical Literacy and Discourse Practices of African American Females in the Age of Hip Hop

Jose Salinas, Ruben Aguiano and Awad Ibrahim
Migrant Conscious
Education, Métissage and the Politics of Farm-Working in Latino Communities

Catherine Kell
'Making Things Happen'
Literacy and Agency in Housing Struggles in South Africa

Kris Gutiérrez, P. Zitali Morales and Danny Martinez
Re-Mediating Literacy
Culture, Difference and Learning for Students from Non-Dominant Communities

Wan Shun Eva Lam and Enid Rosario-Ramos
Multilingual Literacies in Transnationally Digitally Mediated Contexts
An Exploratory Study of Immigrant Teens in the United States

Lesley Bartlett et al
Adolescent Literacies in Latin America and the Caribbean
Angela Creese and Adrian Blackledge
Translanguaging in the Bilingual Classroom
A Pedagogy for Learning and Teaching?

Kerry Anne Enright
Language and Literacy for a New Mainstream

Mastin Prinsloo

Mike Baynham

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