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Life in Black America

Life in Black America

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Ethnic Studies

June 1991 | 311 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Relationships with family and friends, community life, religion, work, racial identity, political attitudes and participation, and physical and mental health are among the topics explored in this volume on Black Americans. It reports the findings from a survey which collected and analyzed data on social, psychological, economic and political behaviours of Americans of African descent. This survey, the first to sample a truly representative cross-section of black people in America, was designed and conducted with a sensitivity to cultural influences never attempted before.
James S Jackson
James S Jackson
Methodological Approach
Norweeta G Milburn and Phillip J Bowman
Neighborhood Life
Shirley Hatchett and Donna Cochran
Family Life
Shirley Hatchett
Women and Men
Robert J Taylor and Linda M Chatters
Religious Life
Phillip J Bowman
Work Life
Phillip J Bowman
Rose C Gibson
Linda M Chatters
Physical Health
Harold W Neigbors
Mental Health
Wyane R McCullough, Gerald Gurin and James S Jackson
Race Identity
Ronald E Brown
Political Action
James S Jackson

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