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Lessons from the Head’s Office

Lessons from the Head’s Office

176 pages | Corwin UK
School leadership is a challenging and rewarding job that requires determination, flexibility and a careful understanding of the people you work with.

Drawing from nearly two decades of headship and combining thoughtful professional guidance with insight drawn from real-life incidents, current headteacher Brian Walton offers a candid and engaging exploration of how to face the challenges of leadership head on and succeed without sacrificing your principles or your wellbeing.
  • Discover what authentic leadership really means
  • Avoid the perils of ‘leadersh*t’ and how it can divert you from important work
  • Understand how to find your support network
  • Engage with the practical aspects of whole school policy on inclusion and behaviour
  • Consider how to deal with the unexpected and how to lead in times of crisis
Brian Walton is an award-winning headteacher and popular education blogger with extensive whole school leadership experience across four schools and a decade of experience supporting schools in challenging circumstances.
Chapter 1: On Leadershit
Chapter 2: On Crisis Management
Chapter 3: On Wellbeing
Chapter 4: On Inclusion
Chapter 5: On Teams
Chapter 6: On Leading And Managing Change
Chapter 7: On Finance And Business
Chapter 8: On Rebellious Leadership

Brian Walton

Brian Walton has worked in education for almost thirty years (and still counting) – almost twenty of them as a head teacher. He hated school and left with no qualifications, wanting to be a rock star and ran a record shop (Madhouse Music) for a little while in his late teens. But destiny and a ‘sliding doors’ moment at Bridgwater College meant that Brian, aged 20 got on to an Access to Education course (a 1990s thing that helped people with no formal qualifications get in to university) despite never once thinking about becoming a teacher – he has never looked back.He has worked in education across the South of England and currently ‘head... More About Author