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Leisure Studies

Leisure Studies

Four Volume Set
Edited by:

March 2010 | 1 600 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Leisure Studies brings together the seminal and seminal-to-be papers in a young and animated field of inquiry, which is nevertheless deeply rooted in the established fields of sociology, history, politics, geography, and economics. This four-volume set traces the disparate interdisciplinary roots of the study of leisure and situates it in its present and future context as a busy research arena in its own right.

Edited by one of the most prominent academics in the field, the set draws on leading international journals as well as elusive classics outside the reach of most libraries that will shed new light on the subject for students and researchers. An original introductory essay draws together and contextualizes the themes, approaches, and key concepts that have formed and are still forming the discipline.

Volume I – Origins: Classic and Contemporary Theories
Volume II - The Inter-Disciplinary Legacy
Volume III – Key Concepts
Volume IV – Research Issues and Agenda

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Chris Rojek

Chris Rojek is Professor of Sociology and Culture at Brunel University, West London. He is a prolific and influential author in the field of Celebrity, Leisure Studies and Popular Culture. In 2003 he was awarded the Allen V. Sapora prize for outstanding achievement in the field of Leisure and Tourism Studies. Besides lecturing in the UK he has given lectures on leisure in Australia, Canada, the USA and the Netherlands. In 2009 he was Hood Fellow at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He also writes on celebrity culture, neat capitalism and myths and realities of national identity. His current research is on popular music and... More About Author

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