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Legitimising Standard Languages

Legitimising Standard Languages
Perspectives from a School in Banaras

First Edition
  • Nirmali Goswami - Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Tezpur University, Assam

October 2017 | 248 pages | SAGE India

This book employs an ethnographic approach to explore the reproduction of class, status, and ethnic identities through the schooling process.

Legitimising Standard Languages: Perspectives from a School in Banaras focuses on the introduction of official languages in schools. The primary objective of this work is to look at the socio-economic backgrounds of administrators, teachers, and students and their families vis-à-vis their influence on the languages in their lives, both in and outside school. It examines how the dominant languages are transmitted, transacted and negotiated in modern institutions.

The author puts forth the cultural consequences of standardising and legitimising languages in educational institutions in a society where variability and diversity have otherwise been the norm.

Nation-State and Language Markets: Hindi as a School Language in India
Languages and Schools in Banaras: State and Community Linkages
Between Standards and Mohalla Location: Hind Kishor Higher Secondary School
Educational Strategies in Changing Language Market
Boli ka prasaar, shuddhata ka prachaar: Spreading Speech, Propagating Purity

“Literature review is brilliant, crisp and concise…author’s hard work, tenacity, analytical abilities, deep insights and sharp observations are well testified in this work.”


Nirmali Goswami

Nirmali Goswami is Assistant Professor of sociology in Tezpur University. Born to Assamese parents and brought up in North India, she switches between Hindi, English and Assamese languages. She studied in Banaras Hindu University and the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. Legitimising the Standard Languages is her first book. She has published on issues of gendered nature of school choice in India. Her current research interests include feminist reading of identity politics in Assam. More About Author

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