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Learning to Listen to Learn

Learning to Listen to Learn
Using Multi-Sensory Teaching for Effective Listening

  • Helen White - Head of Speech and Language Centre, Lampton School, Hounslow
  • Christina Evans - Speech and Language Therapist, Lampton School, Hounslow

76 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

We expect students to acquire effective listening skills—a complex activity that benefits from direct teaching. This book provides a completely new approach to the teaching of listening. While educators are familiar with assessing comprehension, little has been done to ensure that the input process is efficient. The authors demonstrate how the process can be enhanced to improve auditory and visual attention during a listening activity.

Learning to Listen to Learn presents a program that leads to improvements in social skills, learning, and classroom behavior, and is easy to implement with two teaching sessions and a follow-up session. Offering comprehensive facilitator instructions—with color worksheets and posters are printable from the CD-ROM—this resource demonstrates how to deliver interactive sessions with a sense of fun to engage all students.

The authors also discuss:

  • Social listening for interaction vs. accurate listening in a classroom setting
  • Eye contact, body language and acknowledgments
  • Neurological evidence on the importance of efficient sitting positions
Introduction and Rationale
The Importance of Listening and Language Development to Learning

Attention and Listening Can Be Taught

The Structure of the Programme
Who Should Use This Programme?

What Will This Programme Achieve?

How Was The Material Developed?

How to Use The Programme
The Programme
Session 1: Social Listening

Resources for Session 1

Session 2: Listening In the Classroom

Resources for Session 2

Follow-Up Work
Session 3: Booster Session


Helen White

Christina Evans

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