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Learning Theory and Classroom Practice in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Learning Theory and Classroom Practice in the Lifelong Learning Sector

Second Edition
  • Jim Gould - Farnborough College of Technology

October 2012 | 176 pages | Learning Matters
This book supports all trainee teachers in the Lifelong Learning Sector working towards QTLS in their understanding of the key learning theories and how these can be applied to their teaching. Existing teachers within the sector will also find this book a valuable resource for refreshing their knowledge and continuing their professional development.

Each learning theory is explored in clear and accessible language, considering the implications for planning, teaching, assessment and classroom management. Readers are encouraged to think critically about learning theories and the implications for classroom practice. Points for reflection, teaching and learning activities, and useful summaries are included throughout. This new edition has been fully revised to include a wider range of learning theories as well as annotated further reading and a glossary of useful terms.

Implications of Behaviourism for Practice
Cognitive Approaches
Implications of Cognitive Approaches for Practice
Humanistic Approaches
Attention, Perception and Learning
Memory and Learning

‘Early in the text, the author states the aim of this book to be, ‘‘to provide a relatively easily digestible overview of learning theory, and the references and further reading at the end of each chapter will allow you to engage in more in-depth study of areas that are of particular interest’’ (p. 6). This, and considerably more, has been achieved in a well-crafted resource for both teachers and students in the lifelong learning sector (and beyond), one they will find informative and engaging in terms of truly understanding how effective teaching practices are informed and enhanced by learning theories.’  




Susan E. Elliott-Johns
UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning
the International Review of Education – Journal of Lifelong Learning

This book supports all trainee tReaders are encouraged to think criticallyeachers to gain a deeper understanding on how
learning theories can be used to support and develop teaching practice; from planning, teaching, assessment and classroom management. Particularly useful are the summaries that are included at the end of each theory and the points to consider when reflecting on practice.

Definitely one to adopt within reading lists for teacher training programmes.

HESC Office, Barnet And Southgate College
February 12, 2020

An essential guide to learning theory written in clear concise English. The reflective tasks help to underline the value of the theories and increase understanding in a non-taxing way. You can dip into the book as needed or read it from cover to cover quite quickly.

Ms Dee D'e
English Language Arts , Grimsby Institute of HE & FE
December 7, 2016

This book makes the links between learning theory and educational practice clear and interesting. The practical tasks and reflective activities set within the book help students to apply theories to educational settings and learning/teaching activities. This may be especially valuable for students who have limited experience of teaching (I.e. these not on ITT courses).

Ms Heather Pennington
Department of Sociology, Cardiff University
September 16, 2015

An absolutely excellent text that discusses approaches to learning from both a theoretical and classrooom based perspective. I used this text ia lot

Miss Amy Hill
Education, Blackburn College
February 2, 2016

This book has been a great support to me as a tutor but I wouldn't recommend to my undergraduates. My PGCE students however would find this really useful and I will aim to include in taught sessions and encourage them to read it.

Dr Sarah Askey
Education Deanery, Liverpool Hope University
May 14, 2015

Helps with unit 2 for the diploma level 5 teaching and training course

Miss Kerry Simm
Adult Team Apprentices, Harlow College
March 24, 2015

A great support to any teaching course, basic and usable theory, easily understood. Great for people who are working and studying and don't have time to do unlimited research.
well presented with clear usable analogies.

Mrs Jill Gilby
Training & Development, CERT Ltd
February 16, 2015

Similar book already used

Mr David Panes
Health Care and Early Years, Swindon College
January 22, 2015

an excellent overview of learning theory, written in a very accessible way

Mrs Debra Cushen
care and education, University of Wales
January 15, 2015

Jim Gould

Jim Gould has 35 years experience in teaching and training in a variety of educational sectors including schools, adult education and further education. For the last 20 years Jim has been based in both teaching and managerial positions within Teacher Education and Staff Development. Throughout this period he has been actively engaged in curriculum development and course design in Teacher Education and he has acted as both a moderator and consultant at validation events. Jim currently manages the Teacher Education programmes at Farnborough College in Hampshire. More About Author

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