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Learning Theories in Childhood

Learning Theories in Childhood

Third Edition

June 2025 | 296 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Learning Theories
Chapter 2: The Developmental Process Underpinning Learning: The Role of Theory and Philosophy
Chapter 3: The Founding Fathers and Philosophies of Learning
Chapter 4: Classical and Operant Conditioning: The Early Years Experience
Chapter 5: Piaget, Learning and Cognitive Constructivism
Chapter 6: Vygotsky: Learning in a Social Matrix
Chapter 7: Bandura and Social Learning
Chapter 8: Bronfenbrenner: Bioecological Influences on Social Learning
Chapter 9: Bruner and Discovery Learning/ Constructivism
Chapter 10: New Perspectives: Childhood Studies
Chapter 11: Theory in Practice: Learning and the Reflective Practitioner
Chapter 12: The Changing Nature of Learning

This has helped with my teaching qualification

Mrs sheryal wernham
Vocational Education, Swindon College
July 18, 2018

Revisions to this edition:

- Exapansion on Bronfenbrenner and Bandura in 2 new chapters
- Updated to include the latest changes to Early Years policy and legislation
- Expansion and updating of online material incl. podcasts/videos

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Colette Gray

Dr Colette Gray is a Chartered Developmental Psychologist at Stranmillis University College, a College of The Queen’s University of Belfast. She is a Principal Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies, was until very recently the Head of Research Development and a Visiting Professor (Child Development & Education) to the University of St Marks & St John’s Plymouth. She has studied and taught a range of undergraduate and post graduate degree modules to students for more than 20 years. Editor of the International Journal of Early Years Education, she continues to develop her research interests in the field of participatory research which... More About Author

Sean MacBlain

Sean MacBlain PhD is a distinguished author and academic whose publications include: MacBlain (Sage, 2014) How Children Learn; Gray and MacBlain (Sage, 2015) Learning Theories in Childhood, now going into its 3rd edition; MacBlain, Long and Dunn, (Sage, 2015) Dyslexia, Literacy and Inclusion: Child-centred Perspectives; MacBlain, Dunn and Luke (Sage, 2017) Contemporary Childhood. A number of Sean’s publications are used by students, academics and practitioners worldwide. Sean is currently a senior academic at Plymouth Marjon University where he previously held the positions of Research Lead for the Centre for Professional and Educational... More About Author

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