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Learning Theories in Childhood

Learning Theories in Childhood

184 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

By focusing on the early philosophies of learning and the key behavioral, cognitive, and social theorists, this book provides a comprehensive overview of children's learning. The authors discuss the key learning theories, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each approach and encourage reflection on how different approaches impact on the learning environment. The discussion finishes with an exploration of the new sociology of childhood. Examples are drawn from practice to highlight key concepts, and to make vital links between theory and practice.

An Introduction to Learning Theories
The Founding Fathers and Philosophies of Learning
Classical and Operant Conditioning: The Early Years Experience
Piaget, Learning and Cognitive Constructivism
Vygotsky: Learning in a Social Matrix
Bandura, Bronfenbrenner and Social Learning
Bruner and Discovery Learning/Constructivism
Developing a New Perspective: The New Social Studies of Childhood
Theory in Practice: Learning and the Reflective Practitioner

'This book deserves to become hugely popular with the wide range of students currently working towards early childhood studies qualifications at a range of levels: but is also a very valuable tool for more experienced early years professionals keen to develop their skills as reflective practitioners'
-Early Years Update

As an introductory text, Learning Theories in Childhood would be a useful starting point for undergraduate students studying Early Childhood Studies or Education Studies.

Each chapter provides a clear and concise overview of key theoretical ideas which would compliment an introductory 1st year module.

Examples and exercises are useful in contextualising theory in relation to child development and practice.

These activities support the process of reflection and increase understanding by encouraging readers to consider real life examples.

Mr Jonathan Reid
School of Education, Oxford Brookes University
March 3, 2015

An informative text for our Postgraduate in Dyslexia and Literacy.

Ms Jan Seabourne
Education and Training , Dyslexia Action
January 6, 2015

This is the go - to book when teaching theorist, pioneers or perspectives on education. Many of my level 4/5 Foundation Degree students have bought it and I am trying to get it on the essential reading list for next year. Very easy to navigate and the theories are explained clearly. Recommended reading sections send students off to find out more. I have also used this book with level 3 Child Care and they find they can access the materials with guidance.

Denni Morrison
Dept of Care & Early Years Education, Hertford Regional College
November 24, 2014

This book has provided a useful introduction to theories of learning for first year undergraduates in Initial Teacher Education.

Mrs Eileen Moloney
Faculty of Education, Canterbury Christ Church Univ.
July 18, 2014

Really useful for encouraging deeper thinking. Useful points for discussion.

Ms Kathy Piercey
Foundation Degree in Childrens Development and Learning, Bracknell & Wokingham College
March 18, 2014

A solid text that consolidates a students child development knowledge

Miss Donna Luck
early years, Northampton University
March 7, 2014

This text provides a very useful starting point

Ms Karen Perry
insistitute of education, Manchester Metropolitan University
December 18, 2013

An excellent text for undergraduate study, supporting a secure understanding of learning theories

Ms Karen Perry
insistitute of education, Manchester Metropolitan University
December 18, 2013

This book as an invaluable resource to utilise across the Foundation Degree and BA in Early Years Care and Education. It embeds Learning Theory with useful definitions, examples and tables. The students find it an easily accessible book.

Mrs Claire Pescott
Dept of Care & Continuing Education, Ystrad Mynach College
December 17, 2013

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Colette Gray

Dr Colette Gray is a Chartered Developmental Psychologist at Stranmillis University College, a College of The Queen’s University of Belfast. She is a Principal Lecturer in Early Childhood Studies, was until very recently the Head of Research Development and a Visiting Professor (Child Development & Education) to the University of St Marks & St John’s Plymouth. She has studied and taught a range of undergraduate and post graduate degree modules to students for more than 20 years. Editor of the International Journal of Early Years Education, she continues to develop her research interests in the field of participatory research which... More About Author

Sean MacBlain

Sean MacBlain PhD is a distinguished author and academic whose publications include: MacBlain (Sage, 2014) How Children Learn; Gray and MacBlain (Sage, 2015) Learning Theories in Childhood, now going into its 3rd edition; MacBlain, Long and Dunn, (Sage, 2015) Dyslexia, Literacy and Inclusion: Child-centred Perspectives; MacBlain, Dunn and Luke (Sage, 2017) Contemporary Childhood. A number of Sean’s publications are used by students, academics and practitioners worldwide. Sean is currently a senior academic at Plymouth Marjon University where he previously held the positions of Research Lead for the Centre for Professional and Educational... More About Author

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