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Learning Power in Practice

Learning Power in Practice
A Guide for Teachers

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144 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

This book puts the findings of the Effective Lifelong Learning Inventory (ELLI) research program into the practical context of the classroom, helping you to find answers to these questions: What kind of learner are you? How can you become a better learner? Including a video, CD-Rom, and flash cards, it demonstrates how to:

  • Work out what kind of learner you are
  • Improve your learning power, effectively improving results and raising standards
  • Understand how the concept of learning power fits in alongside books on accelerated learning, thinking skills and learning styles

The book not only has a section using animal metaphors for younger children, but also presents strategies relevant to secondary school under-achievers.

Powerful Learning: What Is It?
The Stories of Three Learners
Typical Learning Profiles
Creating a Learner-Centred Classroom
It's All about Values: Learning Power and Wellbeing
Developing Learning Power in the Primary Classroom: Animal Metaphors as a Vehicle for Learning
Powerful Learning in the Primary School
Learning Power in the Secondary School
Learning Power, Leadership and School Self-Evaluation
Learning Power and Education for Citizenship and Enterprise

' This is not a gimmicky approach...The approach here fosters deeper understanding for both the teacher and learner of exactly what the process involves...It contains much to interest schoolteachers, senoir managers and those involved with learners of any age'-ESCalate

The chapters of this book are set out as planned learning exercises, mapping out what is to come at the start, and ending with a summary.
A text of interest to all involved in education where principles within may be modified for application across different edcuational levels.

Mrs Irene Foster
School of Health, BPP University
March 20, 2014

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Ruth Deakin Crick

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