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Learning from the Field

Learning from the Field
A Guide from Experience

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Child Development | Ethnography

296 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
In this volume Professor Whyte compiles information gathered from his vast experience in field research. The book provides invaluable information for the student - it covers a broad range of research, with many examples to illustrate findings. The author shows not only how to gather data, but how, and why, relevant data should be selected and gives a realistic picture of problems encountered by the field researcher.
Purpose and Focus of this Book
Participant Observation
Rationale and Roles

Planning the Project and Entering the Field
Field Relations
Observational Methods
Interviewing Strategy and Tactics
Recording, Indexing and Evaluating Interview Data
Integrating Methods in Team Research
Using History in Social Research
Types of Applied Social Research
Ethics in Field Research and Publication
Focusing the Study and Analyzing the Data
From Data Analysis to Reshaping Conceptual Schemes
Scheme and Styles of Social Research

William Foote Whyte

William Foote Whyte, a sociology professor known for his work with urban gangs, died July 16. He was eighty-six. A 1936 graduate of Swarthmore, he earned a PhD in sociology from the University of Chicago. He began teaching on the Hill in 1948 as one of the first ILR professors. The title of his autobiography, Participant Observer, reflects his approach to academia--that a researcher can be a positive force for social change. "If there is a common theme in my work, it is my commitment to social exploration," he wrote. "Fieldwork fascinates me. I want to explain what is out there." ... More About Author