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Learning Disabilities

Learning Disabilities
A Neuropsychological Perspective

176 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Aimed at improving both our understanding of dysfunction and clinical intervention, this accessible volume on learning disabilities among children and adolescents explores: research and professional practice; subtypes of learning disability; and dimensions of psychosocial functioning. An introduction to a comprehensive, cohesive model of neuropsychological assessment and intervention is also provided.

Detailed case studies - exemplifying major subtypes of learning disabilities - illustrate the application of general principles derived from research to the clinical imperatives of day-to-day practice.

Historical Background and Basic Issues
Subtypes of Learning Disabilities
Psychosocial Functioning of Children with Learning Disabilities
Assessment and Intervention
A Proposed Classification of Subtypes of Learning Disabilities
Case Studies

Byron P. Rourke

Jerel E Del Dotto

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