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Leading Human Capital in the 2020s

Leading Human Capital in the 2020s
Emerging Perspectives

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January 2020 | SAGE Response

This new decade of 20s is likely to witness a significant intersection between three critical topics discussed in the 21st century: 1) digital, 2) human capital and 3) leadership. Employees, managers and leaders across the world will seek answers to questions such as: How do we transform traditional organizations in the face of the digital onslaught? How will we sustain agility in organizations to deal with digital demands? How do we build cross-border capabilities in an increasingly narrowing world order?  What new skills and cognitive versatility will leaders need to cope with the new realities unleashed due to the digital revolution? How can we build inclusive work places and handle biases-will AI /ML help? How do we understand human needs beyond the current confines of money and material comfort?

The thoughtful and topical essays written by well-known faculty- affiliated with the Human Capital and Leadership Initiative (HC&LI) at ISB provide emerging perspectives on some of these pressing questions. -These nuanced, lucid write-ups are aimed at stimulating practitioners and enriching their understanding on bravely taking on the challenging new decade of 2020s.

Rajendra Srivastava
Chandrasekhar Sripada
S Ramnarayan and Sunita Mehta
Leading Digital Transformation in Traditional Organizations
Amit Jain Chauradia
Workforce Cap-Agility
Building Global Organizations
Richard R Smith and Gordon R Perchthold
Developing Cross-Border Leaders
Saumya Sindhwani and Lakshmi Appasamy
Managing Cognitive Bias in Leadership Decision-Making: Allow or Dismiss Intuitions in the Age of AI?
Tejpavan Gandhok and André Sammartino
Architecting Leadership Development through Enhanced Cognitive Versatility
Ram Nidumolu
Workplace Well-Being and Beingful Work
About Human Capital and Leadership Initiative at ISB

Chandrasekhar Sripada

Chandrasekhar Sripada (Chandra) is a Practice Professor of OB and Strategic Human Capital at ISB. He also leads the (HC&LI) at ISB as its Executive Director. Prior to joining ISB in 2017, Chandra spent 40 years in India Inc. in the human resource management function. He has held the position of CHRO with companies such as NIIT, Reliance, Capgemini, and IBM, and retired form Dr. Reddy’s as the President and Global Head of HR. Presently, Chandra is engaged in teaching as well as interdisciplinary research on a range of subjects related to the field of human capital with a focus on HR in the digital era, building next-gen global leaders,... More About Author

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