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Leading Coherently

Leading Coherently
Reflections From Leaders Around the World

July 2012 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Leading Coherently references leadership wisdom born of rich experience from a very diverse group of credible and respected leaders.

Providing valuable insight into how effective leadership is formed, performed and sustained it describes elements of leadership formation, performance and sustainability that cut across gender, culture and context.

Observing dynamic relationships between leadership values, character, behaviour and dispositions, it presents a model for assessing, and advancing coherent leadership.

This book presents practical examples of how real-world leaders advance the coherency of their leadership practice and invites and supports active reader participation in a reflective conversation with 36 exemplary leaders.

Prologue: The Quest
Introduction: Talking Leadership
Talking Story



Part One: Leadership Formed
1. Exemplary Formations

Government Leaders

Non-profit Organization Leaders

K-12 Educational Leaders

Public Health Leaders

Foreign Service Leaders

Justice System Leaders

Hospitality Industry Leaders

Higher Education Leaders

Corporate Leaders

Fine and Applied Arts Leaders

2. Values and Calling

Formed More Than Born

Formed by Family and Community

Formed By Culture And Context

Formed By Mentors


Called By Adversity

Called By Opportunity

Called By Early Work Experience

Lessons Learned

3. Commitment

Committed Through Confidence

Committed Through Consequence


Compelled By Predisposition

Compelled By Need And Opportunity

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned About Becoming Committed

Lessons Learned About Being Compelled To Lead

A Lesson Within The Lessons

Part Two: Leadership Performed
4. Value Aligned
The performance Story

Performed As Formed

Embedded In Character

Acted Out In Behavior

Connected To Capacity

Lessons Learned

5. In Character
Performance Through Force Of Character












Lessons Learned

6. Acted Out
Performed Across Fields Of Behavior

Community Building











Lessons Learned

7. Capacity Connected
Performed Toward Key Connections

A Social Connection

Meant for Each Other

Subject To Leadership Influence

An Emotional Connection

Moved By The Moment

Subject to Leadership Influence

A Reflective Connection

Manipulated To Advantage

Subject To Leadership Influence

Lessons Learned

Part Three: Leadership Sustained
8. Sustaining Dispositions
The Nature of Dispositions

As We Are Disposed, So It Goes

The Backbone Of Leadership

Seven Defining Dispositions

Lessons Learned

Stepping Up To Sustainability

Extending Coherence

9. Sustaining Strategies
Nurturing Self

Seven Sustaining Strategies

Part Four: Leadership Learned
10. A Coherent Story
The Bottom Line

Know and Nurture the Core

Lead Congruently

Compound Capacity

Expand Consequence

A Model Of Coherent Leadership

11. An Ongoing Conversation
The Class Act

The Current State

The Preferred State

The Continuing Conversation

Epilogue: The Quest

Will consider for next revision process.

Dr Mary Weber
Ctr for new Learning, University of Wisconsin - Oshkosh
March 22, 2013

I entirely agree with Northouse's comment on the cover which suggests this material "would work well in a leadership course that is designed to be practical and self-help orientated". I dipped into this book to get a feel for the content and found myself hooked. Genuine food for thought.

Mrs Hazel Beadle
CPD, Chichester University
August 23, 2010

Nancy Stanford-Blair

Nancy Stanford-Blair is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and the Leadership Center at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She also serves as a leadership, learning, and development consultant to education, corporate, and service organizations. More About Author

Michael H. Dickmann

Michael Dickmann is a professor in the Department of Educational Leadership and the Leadership Center at Cardinal Stritch University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He also serves as a leadership, learning, and development consultant to education, corporate, and service organizations. He is coauthor (with Nancy Stanford-Blair) of Leading With the Brain in Mind: 101 Brain-Compatible Practices for Leaders (Corwin Press 2003) and the second edition of Mindful Leadership (Corwin Press 2008). More About Author

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