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Leading and Managing Schools

Leading and Managing Schools

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April 2011 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
School leadership and management are fundamental components of school improvement. This is the first study of its kind to relate the principles of effective leadership to the broad spectrum of school life in Ireland.

A key resource for school leaders in their personal and professional study, Leadership and Management in Schools critically appraises issues in leading and managing schools. The editors bring together an array of renowned scholars to inform and stimulate the debate on the future of leadership development in Irish schools.

Each author explores different perspectives and sets a framework for rethinking school leadership and management and an agenda for future research. The book includes in-depth discussions of a broad spectrum of issues encountered by practitioners, such as:

  • justice and equality as cornerstones of any educational system and the challenges they pose for those in leadership positions;
  • principles of good governance;
  • the key positions of accountability and leadership of change.

Inspiring and informative in its style, the authors bring together a range of perspectives on every aspect of school leadership and management, from well known contributors such as Michael Fullan, Ciaran Sugrue and Marty Linsky, creating a unique and rich canvas. Focusing on national and international perspectives this book adds to the growing canon of international studies of school leadership.

With a unique Irish perspective on Leadership and Management, this book provides an authoritative reference point for practitioners, scholars and students of educational leadership and management, as well as for policy makers in Ireland. It is also extremely useful for practitioners, scholars and students nationally and internationally.

Marty Linsky and Jeffrey Lawrence
Adaptive Challenges for School Leadership
Michael Fullan
Leading System-Level Change
Niamh M. Brennan
Governance Matters
Paddy Flood
Leading and Managing Irish Schools: An Historical Perspective
Ciaran Sugrue
Autonomy and Accountability
Tom Collins and Rose Dolan
Leadership and the Curriculum: A Question of Trust
Paul Conway et al
Leadership and Teacher Education
Helen O'Sullivan
Leadership and Managing Professional Learning in Schools
Michael Shevlin and Paula Flynn
School Leadership for Special Educational Needs
Enda McGorman and Martin Wallace
New Schools for a New Century
John West-Burnham
Rethinking Educational Leadership

'In this text schools are invited not just to search for best practice but to try to invent next practice, to distinguish what is essential from what is expendable and to practice interdependence not just autonomy...The real strength of this text, however, is to be found not in the higher reaches of public policy formation but in the inner sanctum of the school as a 'professional learning community'. It is part road map and part a call to action...The paradigm shift commended in this book as regards school leadership is a breath of fresh air. It is about more than running effective organisations. It suggests a means to create collaborative communities' -
Pat Cox, President of The European Movement International and government advisor

Many thanks for a great resource to use for Continuing Personal Development or action research for school improvement.

Mrs Donna O'Connor
Hair Beauty & Early Years, NWRC
June 25, 2014

This is a well written textbook that carefully considers issues around change. Issues are held together by the common thread of "what's important to the school in the long run" and how the school as a composite team achieve this.

Dr Paul Miller
Arts & Education, Middlesex University
February 29, 2012

This is a great toolkit for schools to use as internal CPD or action research for school improvement.

Miss Liz McGuire
PGCE Secondary, Leeds Trinity and All Saints
May 26, 2011

This is useful to schools in challenging circumstances or a period of change.

Miss Liz McGuire
PGCE Secondary, Leeds Trinity and All Saints
May 26, 2011

A useful resource for encouraging students to think beyond their working silos.

Mrs Hazel Beadle
CPD, Chichester University
April 27, 2011

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