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Leadership - International Student Edition

Leadership - International Student Edition
Theory, Application, & Skill Development

Seventh Edition

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Business & Management | Leadership

May 2022 | 672 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc

Packed with self-assessments, applications, and exercises, Leadership: Theory, Application, and Skill Development 7e offers a highly practical introduction to leadership theories and concepts. Bestselling author Robert N. Lussier and Christopher F. Achua provide integrated coverage of global, ethical, and social issues help prepare students for a wide range of leadership situations and challenges.


New to this Edition:

•                     23 new case studies profiling a diverse group of relevant leaders, including Satya Nadella, Kim Ng, Jose Andres, Alicia Garza, Joey Walt, Rosalind Brewer, LeBron James, Jess Kutch, and Beto Perez

•                     New expanded coverage of diversity, equity, and inclusion explains why DEI is a moral, ethical, legal, and organizational imperative

•                     Reorganized Part IV: Organizational Leadership now combines change leadership with crisis leadership and strategic leadership with high-performance leadership

•                     New examples, references, statistics, and new coverage of emerging leadership trends and issues



Key Features:

•                     Chapter-opening and chapter-closing case studies illustrate how real leaders use theories and concepts to achieve their goals

•                     You Make the Call feature provides scenarios that challenge students to make ethical, socially conscious decisions  

•                     Self-Assessments help students understand their own unique leadership strengths  

•                     Applying the Concept feature helps students check their understanding of key theories and approaches  

•                     Developing Your Leadership Competences exercises tied to AACSB competencies provide students with opportunities to hone their leadership skills and confidence

Part I: Individuals as Leaders
Chapter 1: Who Is a Leader and What Skills Do Leaders Need?
Chapter 2: Leadership Traits and Ethics
Chapter 3: Leadership Behavior and Motivation
Chapter 4: Contingency Leadership Theories
Part II: Leadership Skills
Chapter 5: Communication, Coaching, and Conflict Skills
Chapter 6: Influencing, Power, Politics, Networking, and Negotiation Skills
Part III: Team Leadership
Chapter 7: Leader-Member Exchange and Followership
Chapter 8: Team Leadership and Self-Managed Teams
Chapter 9 Managing Change and Crisis Leadership
Chapter 10 Charismatic, Transformational, and Servant Leadership
Chapter 11 Leadership of Culture, Diversity and Inclusion
Chapter 12 Strategic Leadership and Creating High Performing Organizations

Robert N. Lussier

Robert N. Lussier is a professor of management at Springfield College and taught management for more than 35 years. He is a prolific writer, with more than 500 publications to his credit. His articles have been published in the Academy of Entrepreneurship Journal, Business Horizons, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, Family Business Review, Journal of Business Strategies, Journal of Management Education, Journal of Small Business Management, Journal of Small Business Strategy, SAM Advanced Management Journal, and several others. He also has a human resources management textbook (with John Hendon) published by SAGE and other textbooks... More About Author

Christopher F. Achua

Christopher F. Achua is a full professor in the Department of Business and Economics at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise. In his more than 30 year teaching career, Dr. Achua has and continues to impact the lives of his students through his course offerings in strategic management, marketing, and organizational leadership. Dr. Achua has consistently adapted his teaching methodologies to student needs and adopted the latest classroom and virtual teaching technologies to enhance student learning. Dr. Achua’s interest in engaging his students in real-life learning opportunities led him to create and direct programs such as the... More About Author

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