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Leadership in Health Care

Leadership in Health Care

Second Edition

320 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd

Leadership in Health Care has established itself as an authoritative yet accessible resource for nursing and professions allied to health. Students - as well as professional leaders working in practice - who need a clear and engaging guide to the key theories and practice skills required for effective leadership in health care will benefit from this text.

Now revised and updated into a Second Edition, the book retains its successful approach of looking at leadership theory from an individual, team and organizational perspective, and continues to focus on major areas such as problem solving, dealing with conflict, unhealthy behaviors and notions of quality, diversity and individual values. This new edition, however, responds to recent political changes in health care with the inclusion of two new chapters on interprofessional working and on emotional intelligence. The authors have also taken the opportunity to focus more clearly on service users, and take forward the concept of project management.

The book's ability to bridge the gap between theory, research and practice is one of the reasons why it is so highly-regarded. To strengthen this key feature, more case studies, activities and self-evaluation exercises have been integrated into the existing range of practical material so that readers have further opportunities to analyze their own self-knowledge and leadership skills.

The Nature of Leadership
What Makes a Leader?
Diversity, Values and Professional Care
Theories of Leadership
Team Life
Interdisciplinary and Interprofessional Working
Communication and Leadership
Managing Conflict
Emotional Intelligence
Theory of Organizational Life
Leadership for Change

'This is a useful book with activities and questions to aid student learning' -
Dave Havelock, University of York

An excellent text that comes as highly recommended to students undertaking inter-professional learning, in the final year of their health and social care studies at undergraduate level.

I frequently recommend this text on an individual basis to post registration students as part of their CPD and those looking for progression into management posts.

The text is presented using a structured approach and its interactive nature is really valuable for the experiential learner.

Mrs Haz Hughes
May 22, 2015

This book is written clearly and is easy to understand, the chapters are well laid out which helps you find specifically what you are looking for. Also tools and diagrams are very useful.

Mrs Karen Corder
Sch of Health,Community & Educ Studies, Northumbria University
October 6, 2014

A very useful and comprehensive book, especially for undergraduates.

Ms Cath Wright
occupational therapy, University of Teesside
September 29, 2014

Excellent overview of leadership in Health Care in an easy to read format.

Mrs Rebecca Littlechild
Sixth Form, North East Worcestershire College
August 12, 2014

Gave a good coverage on topics essential in healthcare management such as communication, problem solving and conflict management.

Mr Yong-Shian Goh
Alice Lee Centre for Nursing Studies, National Univ. of Singapore (Nus)
June 29, 2014

A comprehensive text that effectively addresses leadership in today's healthcare environment.

Mr Peter Inns
Nursing, School of Healthcare, Leeds University
November 21, 2013

This is a very helpful book around leadership in health care. It is clearly written, accessible and covers the ground clearly. It is a useful book for those studying leadership in health care

Mr David Hanley
Health and Community Studies, University of Bolton
November 1, 2013

An excellent text that would benefit from an update

Miss Claire Smith
Surgical Services, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
October 21, 2013

Excellent resource covering the major topics of Leadership. A nust have book.

Mr Brian Boag
Nurisng and Midwifery, University of the West of Scotland
October 4, 2013

Sample Materials & Chapters

Chapter One: The Nature of Leadership

Jill Barr

Jill Barr is a lecturer at Coventry University, teaching student nurses and MBA/MSc students in health care. She has worked as a Principal Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton and also at De Montford University, with a number of awards from pre-registration nursing to Community Specialist Nursing programmes, Non-Medical Prescribing, Physician Assistant/Associate, Advanced Practitioner and Public Health Masters. Her own professional career has been exciting, varied and totally integrated with personal development, including writing with Lesley Dowding for over twenty years. Jill qualified as a nurse, midwife and health visitor,... More About Author

Lesley Dowding

Lesley Dowding’s career has encompassed several different experiences since qualification, as a nurse and midwife, ranging from General Theatres, Midwifery, Gynaecology, nanny in the USA, veterinary assistant (USA), Anaesthetics & Recovery Sister, and as Nurse Tutor within schools of nursing and universities. Lesley teaches a variety of subjects for pre-registration nursing students including Management Studies, and has a passion for effective management techniques, endeavouring to make what might be considered dry theory applicable to clinical practice. To do this Lesley and Jill have written two books related to management theory and... More About Author