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Leadership and the Art of Change

Leadership and the Art of Change
A Practical Guide to Organizational Transformation

  • Lee R. Beach - University of Arizona (Emeritus), University of Arizona, USA

May 2005 | 200 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Most books on leadership and organizational change focus on descriptive theory and research, simplistic and questionable gimmicks, or on biographical sketches of successful leaders whose character students are encouraged to emulate. Business students find the first kind of book boring. Faculty find the second kind fraudulent. Everybody finds the third kind of book fascinating but few believe that attempts to emulate paragons do much good. Leadership: The Art of Change avoids pedantry, gimmicks and hero worship while addressing the complex issues involved in trying to lead an organization. It does not bury the reader in abstractions nor does it offer quick fixes. It presents solid material briefly, in a conversational manner, to hold the reader's interest and attention.
Assessment: Specifying Change
Culture: Constraining Change
Vision: Motivating Change
Plans: Mapping Change
Implementation: Producing Change
Follow-through: Institutionalizing Change
Conclusion: Expanding the Analysis of Change Leadership
Appendix A: Assessing Customer Service Needs
Appendix B: The Organizational Culture Survey
Appendix C: Decision Techniques
About the Author

Seems like a very good organizer for the developmental sequence of the course and coverage of key topics.

Professor Iris Johnson
Education, Louisiana State University Shreveport
January 15, 2015

Great in combination with Anderson Case Study book highlighting organizational change.

Professor Iris Johnson
Education, Louisiana State University Shreveport
September 4, 2015

Was not appropriate for my course

Professor Pam Van Dyke
Cox, School of Business, Southern Methodist University
March 5, 2014

Great assimilation of leadership and change theories

Dr Jennifer Williams
ALEC, Texas A&M University
March 5, 2010

Appropriate coverage of topics in a subject of long-term business sustainability and competitive advantage

Len Deneault
Business Dept, Rivier College
September 29, 2009

Lee R. Beach

Lee Roy Beach is McClelland Professor of Management and Policy, and Professor of Psychology in the College of business and Public Administration at the University of Arizona. Previously, he served as Vice Dean, Eller College of Business and Public Administration at the University of Arizona. Professor Beach received his PhD in experimental psychology from the University of Colorado and began his professional career as a human factors researcher for the U.S. Navy, followed by service at the Office of Naval Research. After leaving the Navy, he completed two years of postdoctoral work at the University of Michigan before taking a position in... More About Author

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