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Leadership and Power

Leadership and Power
Identity Processes in Groups and Organizations

First Edition
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Social Psychology

February 2004 | 280 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Leadership and associated power issues lie at the core of group life in a variety of contexts. Even the most informal of groups typically have some form of leadership in their organization, and the understanding of leadership and power from a psychological standpoint can inform a greater understanding of group dynamics both inside and outside of the workplace.

Leadership and Power is a synthesis of contributions from eminent social psychologists and organizational scientists that addresses these issues from a fresh perspective. In recent years, these themes have been re-examined through the lens of social categorization approaches that highlight people's social identity and social roles as group members, as well as the processes that influence perceptions of and expectations about people and groups. The book is wide-ranging; chapters cover such diverse issues as: interpersonal versus group-oriented styles of leadership; leadership of totalist groups; political leadership; and gender and leadership. It represents a state-of-the-art overview of this burgeoning field that will be important to a host of disciplines.

Elements of cross-referencing to highlight thematic links as well as effective chapter conclusions will make the text appealing to advanced students taking courses in social and organizational psychology, management and organization studies, not just scholars interested in these themes.

Daan Van Knippenberg and Michael A Hogg
Identity, Leadership and Power
Preface and Introduction

Martin M Chemers
Leadership Effectiveness
Functional, Constructivist and Empirical Perspectives

Michael A Hogg, Robin Martin and Karen Weedon
Leader-Member Relations and Social Identity
Michael J Platow et al
Leadership as the Outcome of Self-Categorization Processes
Robert Lord and Rosalie Hall
Identity, Leadership Categorization and Leadership Schema
Cecilia L Ridgeway
Status Characteristics and Leadership
Alice H Eagly
Few Women at the Top
How Role Incongruity Produces Prejudice and the Glass Ceiling

Tom R Tyler
Justice, Identity and Leadership
David de Cremer
A Relational Perspective on Leadership and Co-Operation
Why It Matters to Care and Be Fair

Barbara van Knippenberg and Daan van Knippenberg
Leadership, Identity and Influence
Relational Concerns in the Use of Influence Tactics

Stephanie A Goodwin
Power and Prejudice
A Social-Cognitive Perspective on Power and Leadership

Carsten K W de Dreu and Gerben A van Kleef
Power, Social Categorization, and Social Motivates in Negotiation
Implications for Management and Organizational Leadership

Robert S Baron, Kevin Crawley and Diana Paulina
Aberrations of Power
Leadership in Totalist Groups

Roderick M Kramer
The Imperatives of Identity
The Role of Identity in Leader Judgement and Decision Making

Stephen Reicher and Nick Hopkins
On the Science and the Art of Leadership
Scott A Reid and Sik Hung Ng
Identity, Power and Strategic Social Categorizations
Theorizing the Language of Leadership


Daan van Knippenberg

Daan van Knippenberg is Professor of Organizational Behavior at the Rotterdam School of Management. He has published over 140 scholarly articles, books, and book chapters, including in such outlets as Academy of Management Journal, Annual Review of Psychology, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organization Science, and Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, many of which revolve around his key research interests in leadership, diversity, creativity and innovation, and social identity processes in organizations. Daan is Founding Editor of Organizational Psychology Review and an associate editor of Journal of Organizational... More About Author

Michael Hogg

Michael Hogg is Professor of Social Psychology at Claremont Graduate University. He is also an Honorary Professor of Psychology at the University of Kent and the University of Queensland. His research focuses on social identity processes within and between large and small groups, and he has published widely on topics including intergroup relations, group cohesion, leadership, group motivations, and conformity processes. Professor Hogg is co-editor of the journal Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, an associate editor of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, and Senior Consulting Editor for the SAGE Social Psychology Program.... More About Author

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