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Leader Ready

Leader Ready
Four Pathways to Prepare Aspiring School Leaders

Foreword by Peter DeWitt, Afterword by John Hattie

June 2023 | 168 pages | Corwin

The solution for preparing excellent school leaders is right in front of you

The best way to prepare aspiring leaders for principalship is to offer hands-on opportunities to develop the skills they’ll need when they’re in charge. Being a principal calls for originality, innovation, and the ability to work under pressure. Yet so few assistant principals and other aspiring leaders actually get to develop these competencies in meaningful ways that prepare them to lead a school with confidence.

Leader Ready presents a framework that walks aspiring school leaders along the path to strong and independent principalship by using a mix of professional knowledge, modeling, coaching, guided experiences, and mastery experiences. Full of processes, action steps, and examples from the field, features include;

  • A research-based plan for creating better conditions for aspiring leaders
  • Guidance for achieving systemic professional growth throughout the school year
  • Analysis of school-leadership standards to inform practice
  • Voices of leaders, aspiring leaders, and experts from the field
The role of the principal is far more complex and challenging than ever before! It is critical that we guide more aspiring leaders to the role of principal. Leader Ready has the tools to help you achieve this! This book will provide aspiring leaders, principals, and district leaders with the know-how to build new generations of successful school leaders.
Foreword by Peter M. DeWitt
Your Guide to This Book
Chapter 1: An Answer to Leadership in Crisis
Chapter 2: Raising the Bar of Leadership Standard
Chapter 3: Creating a Culture for Implementation
Chapter 4: Planning Guided Leadership Experiences
Chapter 5: Attaining Mastery Experiences
Conclusion: Implementing the Four Roots

Leader Ready gets to the root of what is holding back aspiring leaders from pursuing the role of principal and provides a blueprint for supporting our future leaders. Cusack and Bustamante draw from their many years in leadership to bring us this great advice. Leader Ready is a must for every principal’s bookshelf!

Carmen Markowski
St. Joseph Catholic School
Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada

We owe emerging school leaders the conditions, strategies, and opportunities necessary to grow and succeed. Cusack and Bustamante’s work is a major step forward in the right direction!

Wayne Davies
Nelson McIntyre Collegiate Institute
East St. Paul, Manitoba, Canada

Leader Ready is a must-have resource for anyone supporting the development of aspiring leaders. Cusack and Bustamante’s Universal Leadership Standards, leadership development model, and templates provide a road map for building leadership capacity.

Kelli Leavell
Bremerton School District
Bremerton, Washington

Any leader at any stage in their career can gain something from this book. Cusack and Bustamante’s Universal Leadership Standards provide a framework that can be utilized by even the most seasoned educational leaders for years to come!

Ryan Persaud
The International School of Curitiba
Curitiba, Brazil

Cusack and Bustamante provide us with a vision for inspiring the most opportune yet underserved school leaders: assistant principals. The authors’
focus on informed and strategic professional growth encourages aspiring leaders to engage with the challenges of today’s school systems with confidence and wisdom.

Sam Jordan
Alaska Council of School Administrators
Juneau, Alaska

This book will develop great principals who support assistant principals to become great future principals. Cusack and Bustamante deliver a path to
connect potential and intention and move to dynamic implementation. Their interactive approach is rooted in standards and supported by lived experience.

Randy Hetherington
University of Portland
Portland, Oregon

This book offers practical strategies and tools for developing leadership skills in aspiring and novice school and district leaders. Cusack and Bustamante synthesize the research and issues relevant to assistant principals differentiated by level of experience, something rarely accomplished.

Andrea Kane
University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tim Cusack

Timothy P. Cusack , Ed.D. is an educator with thirty years of experience as a classroom teacher, department head, assistant principal, principal, assistant superintendent of learning services (curriculum, assessment, professional development) and currently serves as deputy superintendent of Edmonton Catholic Schools (Leadership Support Services). In his current role, he directly supports the daily work of school leadership teams and aspiring leaders across almost 100 schools. Tim is passionate about leadership development, mentorship, systems change and improvement. His doctoral work through the University of Portland centered upon the... More About Author

Vince Bustamante

Vince Bustamante, M.Ed., is a Calgary-based instructional coach, curriculum content developer, and author. Formerly focused on school improvement, Vince now specializes in working with teachers, leadership teams, schools, and school districts in implementing high impact strategies and systems. With a strong background in assessment and deep learning experiences, he is passionate about understanding and evaluating teachers' impact. Vince holds a Master of Education degree and has co-authored two bestselling books with Corwin Press: Great Teaching by Design and The Assessment Playbook for Distance and Blended Learning. He can be found on... More About Author

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