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Origins, Interactions, and Change

July 2012 | 320 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
Foundations of the Sociology of Law provides a conceptual framework for thinking about the full range of topics within the sociology of law discipline.

The book: contrasts normative and sociological perspectives on law; presents a primer on the logic of research and inference as applied to law related issues; examines theories of legal change; and discusses law in action with specific reference to civil rights legislation.

An Introduction to the Sociology of Law
Evolutionary Theories of Legal Change
Maine and Durkheim

Law, Class Conflict and the Economy
Marxian Theory

Law and the State
Max Weber's Sociology of Law

The Problem of Law in the Activist State
Voting Rights and School Desegregation
Equal Employment Opportunity
Law as a Profession
The Transformation of Legal Practice in the Late 20th Century

"I think this book is going to be major contribution to the sociology of law. The balance between theory and substance, always a problem in this field, is very nice." 

Lauren Edelman
University of California, Berkeley

"I look forward to using this book in my undergraduate sociology of law course." 

Celesta Albonetti
Texas A&M University

John R. Sutton

He is Professor of Sociology at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He teaches and does research on law, crime and punishment, and organizations. His research tends to be concerned with change over time in legal systems, organizational structures and practices, and institutional fields. More About Author

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