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Law for Student Police Officers

Law for Student Police Officers

Second Edition

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Law | Police Studies

368 pages | Learning Matters
This book provides a comprehensive examination of all the required areas of criminal and policing law, with explicit links to the National Occupational Standards. Chapters open with clear objectives and include regular revision notes, knowledge check questions and answers and practical activities.

This second edition has been fully revised to expand the content, take account of recent changes and reflect the latest legislation. In particular there is a new chapter on PCSOs, the sections on police powers, roads policing, animals and evidence have been updated and the issue of diversity has been woven into an increased number of scenarios.

Basic legal concepts
Human rights
Police powers under PACE 1984 and SOCPA 2005
Other Police powers
Police organisation
PCSOs and the wider police family
Violence and intimidation
Sexual offences
Drugs and solvents
Property offences
Public order
Crime prevention
Sentencing issues
Introduction to evidence
Children, young persons and the mentally ill
Conspiring, aiding, abetting and attempting to commit crime
Alcohol, drunkeness and licensing
Roads policing
An understanding of civil Law

"An excellent reference that helps apply the law relating to policing and criminal justice. Essential for new police officers." (Head of Department, St Helens College.)

I have recommended this book to those of my students who wish to follow a career in the police service. It gives a really good overview of the laws required and how they can be implemented within society

Miss Sarah Karin Bishop
Education, City of Bath College
March 20, 2016

A smashing book that provides enough detail in the topics for most students. This book will feature on our reading list to the students and may become more essential later in the year but for now it will supplement the course requirements

Mr Gary Howard
Social Science , Hopwood Hall College
March 6, 2016

This a very handy guide to Policing Law in the UK for anyone looking for how the police works. The structure of the book is effective in dealing with the issues of police and the law.

Mr Tathagata Sarkar
Social Science , Centre for British Studies
February 24, 2016

This book provides a comprehensive examination of all the required areas of criminal and policing law, with explicit links to the National Occupational Standards.

Mr Bernard Sheridan
Department of Policing, Central Lancashire University
June 27, 2012

A helpful reference

Mr Maurice Collins
Policing Department, Bucks New University
March 9, 2012

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Jonathan Merritt

Jonathan Merritt has first-hand experience of police training and 14 years' experience of teaching criminal law. He led the design and delivery of one of the first foundation degrees in policing and has been at the forefront of foundation degree development in criminal justice nationally. This includes winning the tender to provide the Initial Police Learning and Development Programme (IPLDP) for Nottinghamshire Police recruits, based around both a foundation degree and policing NVQs. In addition, he now teaches criminal justice at De Montfort University. More About Author

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