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Law and the Social Work Practitioner

Law and the Social Work Practitioner

Second Edition

216 pages | Learning Matters
This book explores the main areas of social work law, including children, mental health and community care. By investigating the meaning of law and some of its underlying value assumptions, it encourages practitioners to reflect on their actions and beliefs, helping them to avoid being a mere 'technician', and instead, become a competent practitioner. This new text supports busy social workers studying for Post-Qualifying Awards. Each chapter begins with an overview of the rationale for the teaching material provided and sets out clear learning objectives. Case studies, exercises and recommendations for further reading can be found throughout the book.
Table of cases
Table of legislation
About the authors
National Occupational Standards
Foreword to the Post-Qualifying Social Work Practice series
Understanding law
Interpreting rules: a domestic and statutory example
The English legal system
Children's legislation: Principles of law and practice
Youth justice
Mental health law: An outline
Community care law: An introduction
Decision-making: The legal framework (administrative law)
Discrimination and the law
Law and the policy on domestic violence
Housing (homelessness) legislation
The Human Rights Act 1998
Recommended reading

An excellent book for post qualifying social work practice.

Dr Charles Mugisha
Social Work, Birmingham City University
July 2, 2015

Found this a useful book for students to gain a basic understanding of the law.

Mr Stephen Walker
Rehabilitation & Social Work, University of Cumbria
April 22, 2014

Excellent 'all-rounder' that is both easily accessible to first year BA students and as a point of reference for 2nd year MA students.

Mr Warren Smith
School of Health and Wellbeing, Wolverhampton University
October 10, 2013

A "coverall" book. Offers information that is easy on the eye and well explained. An excellent book for HND, HNC and Level 5 Health and Social Care students.

Mr Maurice Fordy
Sociology and Social Work/Policy, Solihull College
January 23, 2013

I am going to use this now with the undergraduate students in their law module as it is easy to follow and makes sense ! Not straightforward with law.
It will be mentioned to PQ students who want to properly refresh their legal knowledge.

Mr Simon Howard
Social Work, Health, Soc Care & Couns, Nottingham Trent University
December 14, 2012

The Book has been used for students undertaking AMHP training.

Mr Robert Wu
Social Work Department, Birmingham City University
November 7, 2012

A good book for those who may be daunted at the throught of Law and its application to social work

Miss Karen Roscoe
Social Work , Glyndwr University
June 8, 2012

Rodger White

Rodger White was a senior lecturer in social work at Bournemouth University. He taught social work law for over 15 years following an extensive career as a social work practitioner. More About Author

Keith Brown

Keith holds professional qualifications in nursing, social work and teaching; and academic qualifications in nursing, social work and management. He has worked in the education and training field for over 30 years, working for three universities and three local authority social work departments. Currently he is the Director of the National Centre for Post-Qualifying Social Work and Professional Practice at Bournemouth University and the Director of the Centre for Leadership Impact and Management at Bournemouth. In 2005 he was awarded the Linda Ammon Memorial Award, sponsored by the then Department for Education and Skills, a prize awarded... More About Author

Graeme Broadbent

Graeme Broadbent has been involved in legal education for more than 25 years. He joined Kingston Law School, where he is now based, in 2002. More About Author