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Law and Professional Issues in Nursing

Law and Professional Issues in Nursing

Second Edition

248 pages | Learning Matters
Nurses are more accountable than ever to the public, patients, their employers and the profession and it is vital that they have a clear understanding of the legal, ethical and professional dilemmas they will face in the course of their professional career. This book is an essential resource for student nurses as they begin to develop their knowledge and understanding of the requirements for safe practice in healthcare.

This new edition includes increased coverage of protection of vulnerable adults and ethics and principled decision making.

Introduction to Law in Nursing
Principled Decision Making in Nursing
Equality and Human Rights
Consent to Treatment
Mental Health
Protecting the Vulnerable Adult
Consent and Children
Safeguarding Children
Record Keeping
Health and Safety

"This text is authoritative and the best example of informing nurses in a complex practice area. Examples of case law, statutes and scenarios are invaluable in bringing each chapter alive. Brilliant!" (Lecturer, University of Wolverhampton.)

'The authors examine professional issues from a practical, legal and ethical perspective throughout this book. The lay out and spacing in each chapter along with the interspersed activities allows

the authors to disseminate complicated information and processes in an appealing manner. This enables ‘‘Law and professional issues in nursing” to make a potentially complex subject interesting and

accessible to student nurses' -
Nurse Education in Practice

Easy to read with good use of case studies /scenarios to evoke an enquiring mind around the challanges of principle based decison making in nursing . Highly recommend as a useful ,and clear text for students studying ethics and law in nursing , for the first time .

Mrs Elaine Bailey
School of Nursing, Midwifery & Physi, Nottingham University
March 20, 2014

This is one of the textbooks that I recommended to all students on law and professional values' module. It is comprehensive and organised in way that allows our degree students to easily understand the subjects.

Dr Vincent Icheku
Faculty of Health and Social Care (Southwark), London South Bank University
November 27, 2013

This text clearly addresses the ethical and legal issues that nurse's have to address on a regular basis. The effective use of case studies and activities helps keep the reader fully engaged with all the issues raised.

Mr Peter Inns
Nursing, School of Healthcare, Leeds University
November 21, 2013

This book is great, easy to follow and ideal for my module on Human Rights and Ethics

Ms Kathleen Dabbs
Nursing and Midwifery, De Montfort University
September 12, 2013

This book provides the student with excellent knowledge and examples into the issues that mayt arise within professional practice. The text is well defined and easy to follow, continues to be used as recommended reading for pre-registration nursing course.

Miss Jennifer Cowie
School of Social and Health Sciences, University of Abertay, Dundee
August 12, 2013

This textbook is very good but in to much much detail for my first year unit but i have passed it onto a collegue teaching our third year students.

Ms Alison Busby
Health , university of manchester
March 5, 2013

Students are required at the start of the course to consider the range of legal and professional aspects of nursing practice. This book is clearly written and suitable for use throughout their nursing practice.

Robert Kinloch
School of Nursing and Midwifery, Brighton University
January 21, 2013

This text serves as a good introductory text for students as they begin to grasp the concept of accountability within the nursing profession. The text is informative without being intimidating as students can sometimes become overwhelmed as they begin to understand professionalism, the role of the nurse and the law, and accountability.

Mrs Karen Mettam
School of Nursing, University of Nottingham
January 3, 2013

Good Text that covers the subject well.

Nigel Downes
Faculty of Health, Sport and Science, Glamorgan University
November 21, 2012

Richard Griffith

Richard Griffith is a senior lecturer in Law at the College of Human and Health Sciences at Swansea University, where he has taught since 1992. He initially trained as a nurse before turning his attention to law and an academic career. He has a particular interest in applied law in healthcare practice and has published widely in a range of nursing journals. More About Author

Cassam A Tengnah

Cassam Tengnah was formerly a lecturer in health law in the School of Health Science at Swansea University and taught across a range of courses from undergraduate to postgraduate level. His early background is in nursing and health promotion and he has a particular interest in public health law. More About Author