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Latinos in a Changing US Economy

Latinos in a Changing US Economy
Comparative Perspectives on Growing Inequality

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Volume: 7
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Ethnic Studies

280 pages | SAGE Publications, Inc
The contributors identify the increasing differences in income and social status between rich and poor, Anglos and Latinos, men and women, immigrant and native born, and suggest policy options that will reverse the growth of social inequality. National data as well as a series of case studies from important Latino cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Antonio, Chicago and Miami are presented.
John H Stanfield II
Rebecca Morales and Frank Bonilla
Restructuring and the New Inequality
Martin Carnoy, Hugh Daley and Raul Hinojosa
The Changing Economic Position of Latinos in the US Labor Market Since 1939
Rebecca Morales and Paul Ong
The Illusion of Progress
Latinos in Los Angeles

Andres Torres and Frank Bonilla
Decline Within Decline
The New York Perspective

John J Betancur, Teresa Cordova and Maria de los Angeles Torres
Economic Restructuring and the Process of Incorporation of Latinos Into the Chicago Economy
Marifeli Pérez-Stable and Miren Uriarte
Cubans and the Changing Economy of Miami
Gilberto Cardenas, Jorge Chapa and Susan Burek
The Changing Economic Position of Mexican Americans in San Antonio
Saskia Sassen
Urban Transformation and Employment
Paul M Ong and Evelyn Blumenberg
An Unnatural Trade-Off
Latinos and Environmental Justice

Frank Bonilla and Rebecca Morales
Critical Theory and Policy in an Era of Ethnic Diversity
Economic Interdependence and Growing Inequality


Rebecca Morales

Frank Bonilla