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Landmark Debates in Congress

Landmark Debates in Congress
From the Declaration of Independence to the War in Iraq

July 2012 | 449 pages | CQ Press
Expert presentation and analysis of more than 50 pivotal historical debates, from the Declaration of Independence to authorizing war with Iraq &BAD:quot;If taxation is a badge of freedom, let me assure my friend that the poor people of this country are covered all over with the insignia of freemen.&BAD:quot;&BAD:mdash;Rep. William Jennings Bryan, 1894 A fascinating look at history in the making&BAD:mdash;and an eye-opening presentation of some remarkably colorful rhetoric&BAD:mdash;Landmark Debates in Congress is a one-volume resource to more than 50 pivotal congressional debates. From colonial independence and individual rights to slavery, territorial expansion, and presidential powers, debates include the Bill of Rights (1789), the Revenue Act of 1894 (the origin of the income tax), FDR's court-packing plan (1937), Medicare and Medicaid (1965), Richard Nixon's 1974 impeachment, and the Iraq War resolution (2002).  

Stephen W. Stathis

Stephen W. Stathis was, for nearly four decades, a specialist in American National Government for the Congressional Research Service (CRS) of the Library of Congress. Stathis, who specializes in the history of Congress, held both research and managerial positions at CRS. He is the author of the first edition of Landmark Legislation (2003) and Landmark Debates in Congress: From the Declaration of Inde­pendence to the War in Iraq (2009). More About Author

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