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Knowledge to Policy

Knowledge to Policy
Making the Most of Development Research

First Edition
  • Fred Carden - International Development Research Centre, Canada

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Development Studies

March 2009 | 236 pages | SAGE India
Does research influence public policy and decision-making, and if so, how? This long debated question continues to be the subject of discussions among scholars, researchers and the international community of development agencies, donors and practitioners. For development agencies and donors, responses to this debate contribute to the larger question of how development aid affects public policies in the South. In over 35 years of supporting research in the South, Canada's International Development Research Centre has gained considerable experience in fostering research-policy links and carried out a learning-oriented evaluation to observe whether and how the research it was supporting was influencing public policy and decision-making.

Knowledge to Policy: Making the Most of Development Research encapsulates results of the evaluation and presents the key findings and summaries of 22 case studies from Asia, Africa and Latin America. It also addresses the methodology used in a reader-friendly, journalistic style, giving the reader a deeper grasp and understanding of the approaches, contexts, relationships and events. No other research-for-development publication has assessed such a wide variety of case studies of experiences from the developing world.

Carol H Weiss
Maureen O'Neil
Making Research Count
Policy Matters
What Works, What Doesn't
Managing Research, Exploiting Contingencies
Research and the Politics of Policy
Poverty Monitoring
Trade and Finance
Resource Management
Water Management
Health and Education Reform
Networks and Innovation
Information and Communication Technologies for Development
The Multiple Case Approach: A Methodological Overview
Changing Practice: A Note on Using Evaluation for Organizational Change
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The book under review is a well-documented study that helps researchers to lead their findings to policy… It will be useful to social scientists desirous of reaching policy, donor agencies to fund proper policy-related research and the administrators.

Current Science

The author examines the connect between research and public policy…Also included is sound advice on how to influence policy, manage research and politics etc. The book is an easy read.

Civil Society

This book will be useful to academics, researchers and students of political science, public administration, development studies and international affairs: professionals in donor and development organizations worldwide: policy and decision makers in government and international arenas: and development agencies.

Journal of Rural Development

Fred Carden

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