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Knowledge Based Marketing

Knowledge Based Marketing
The Twenty-First Century Competitive EDGE

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June 2004 | 288 pages | SAGE Response
In recent years, organizations and even governments across the globe have begun to appreciate the critical role of knowledge in stimulating and sustaining rapid growth. Many believe that, in a modern economy, knowledge is the most important resource within companies based anywhere in the world. The advent of the Internet and automated e-business systems has provided an important catalyst for firms wishing to exploit the benefits of using knowledge to support their electronic trading activities.

Knowledge Based Marketing is a guide to how knowledge can be utilized to underpin and enhance the marketing management function within organisations. Ian Chaston covers all aspects of this concept by drawing upon various published sources and by the use of case materials to illustrate knowledge management in practice.

Knowledge and the Organisation  
Marketing and Application of Knowledge  
The Advent of E-Commerce  
Mapping Knowledge Systems  
Internal Competence  
Knowledge-based Positioning  
Constructing Knowledge Plans  
Product Knowledge and Innovation  
Knowledge Provision Through Promotion  
Pricing and Distribution  
Managing Services and Customer Relationships  
Process Implementation  

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Ian Chaston

Ian Chaston is a Professor at the University of Auckland Business School in New Zealand. His primary role is assisting the further development of the School’s Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is also a Visiting Professor at RMIT in Vietnam. Ian is the founder of Netboard ( which offers free online training in IT and interpersonal skills to assist students and young job seekers enhance their employability skills. Research interests include entrepreneurship, online marketing and small business management.  More About Author

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