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Know Your Variables

Know Your Variables
Little Quick Fix

December 2018 | 128 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
The Little Quick Fix on how to Identify Your Variables unlocks the gate to simple data analysis for any stats course. Packed with lively examples it shows students what variables are and why looking for relationships between them is so interesting and so powerful.

Little Quick Fix
 titles provide quick but authoritative answers to the problems, hurdles, and assessment points students face in the research course, project proposal or design—whatever their methods learning is.
  • Lively, ultra-modern design; full-color, each page a tailored design.
  • An hour's read/easy to dip in and out of; clear navigation enables the reader to find what they need—quick.
  • Direct written style gets to the point with clear language. Nothing needs to be read twice. No fluff.
  • Learning is reinforced through a 2-minute overview summary; 3-second summaries with super-quick Q&A
  • DIY tasks create a work plan to accomplish a task, do a self-check quiz, solve a problem, get students to what they need to show their supervisor.
  • Checkpoints in each section make sure students are nailing it as they go and support self-directed learning.
  • How do I know I’m done? Each Little Quick Fix wraps up with a finale checklist that allows the reader to self-assess they’ve got what they need to progress, submit, or ace the test or task.
Section 1: Why do variables matter?
Section 2: What is a variable?
Section 3: How do I identify a variable?
Section 4: What variables measure quantities and categories?
Section 5: How do I examine relationships between variables?
Section 6: What are independent and dependent variables?
Section 7: Why does correlation not automatically mean causation?
Section 8: How can I use variables in my research project?

Not sufficient for my teaching purposes

Dr Elise Øby
Curriculum, Østfold University College
April 25, 2019

excellent little book that every research student should own

Mrs Philomena Hughes
Higher Education, Blackburn College
April 25, 2019

Because even students in advanced research methods courses are often confused about the different definitions and types of variables, this booklet is an excellent resource for undergraduates at all levels.

Lisa Gray-Shellberg
Psychology Dept, Cal State Univ-Dominguez Hls
August 23, 2018

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John MacInnes

John MacInnes is a professor of sociology at the University of Edinburgh. He has been advisor to the Economic and Social Research Council and British Academy on quantitative skills training and helped establish the Nuffield Q-Step programme. He is currently the vice president (professional affairs) of the Royal Statistical Society, a chartered statistician, and fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences. He is a member of the UK Data Skills Task Force and the advisory board for Maths in Education and Industry. He has published articles and monographs on social demography, including population ageing, the sociology of identity and industrial... More About Author

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