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Key Concepts in Marketing

Key Concepts in Marketing

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February 2009 | 232 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd
Key Concepts in Marketing introduces and examines the key issues, methods, models and debates that define the field of marketing today.

Each entry comprises of:



-Broader discussion

-Examples and illustrations

-Key literature and further reading

Introductory chapters serve to situate and introduce the topics.

Customer Centrality
Evolution of Marketing
Relationship Marketing
The Leaky Bucket Theory
Postmodern Marketing
The Marketing Environment
Marketing Research
The Marketing Audit
Competitive Advantage
Porter's Competitive Strategies
Strategic Planning
Marketing Planning
Boston Consulting Group Matrix
Product as a Bundle of Benefits
Product Anatomy
Core Product
Added Value
Service Products
Product Life Cycle
New Product Development
Diffusion of Innovation
Elasticity of Demand
Demand Pricing
Price Skimming
Psychological Pricing
Not-for-Profit Marketing
Need Satisfaction
The Marketing Mix
The Elaboration Likelihood Model
Reference Groups
Channel Management
Stages of Development Model of International Market Entry
Market Share
Brand Personality
The Communications Mix
Schramm Model of Communication
The Weak and Strong Theories

Sales Promotion
Corporate Reputation
Personal Selling
Key Account Selling
Integrated Marketing Communication

Did not fit completely with the learning goals of the course.

Dr Srivatsa Seshadri
Management Marketing Dept, University of Nebraska at Kearney
September 21, 2012

This book can only be recommended as an encyclopedic resource. As such, it works quite nicely. I will also recommend it for master level students who may have little or no background in marketing as a qucik update. As required reading, it is however much too basic for an advanced level marketing theory course - it would be more suited to an introductory class in that case.

Professor Søren Askegaard
Business Administration , University of Southern Denmark
June 14, 2011

I can't condem the book and it gives lots of useful overviews of key topics. Best used as it describes itself... a "quick reference text" but not a core text.

Mr Neil Wellman
Cardiff School of Management, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
January 12, 2011

a useful quick reference text but not a textbook

Mr Neil Wellman
Cardiff School of Management, University of Wales Institute, Cardiff
January 12, 2011

This book is currently being used by some of our students researching specific aspects of marketing

Mrs Jo Alexander
Department of Economics, Bristol University
December 16, 2010

A bit too basic for post graduate

Professor Jens Geersbro
Department of Marketing, Copenhagen Business School
June 11, 2010

This is a good book, but generic and more suitable for entry level - not suitable for my final year specialist course

Mr Maurizio Catulli
School of Business, Hertfordshire University
June 10, 2010

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Jim Blythe

Jim Blythe is Visiting Professor of Marketing at University of Plymouth, UK. Jim Blythe has been a Merchant Navy officer, a ladies hairdresser, a business consultant, a rock musician, a truck driver, a company director and an award-winning playwright all before becoming an academic – he always planned on having a varied life and likes learning new skills. Currently he is trying to learn to grow vegetables (with limited success...), but he has a pilot’s licence and has learned to play drums in a samba band, so the beat goes on. Jim has written 18 books, over 50 journal articles, and has contributed chapters to 8 other books. He has... More About Author

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